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WTW apprenticeships enable great career growth opportunities

WTW apprenticeships enable great career growth opportunities

 February 24, 2022

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Meet Emma White, a Junior Account Executive (former level 4 Insurance Apprentice) with WTW. Emma works in the Global Marine, International Trade and Logistics team, based in London.

A WTW apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop within the company's diverse and inclusive culture, while tackling challenges and projects alongside WTW graduate colleagues.

Here, Emma shares the highlights of her apprenticeship, the development opportunities she enjoys with WTW, and her career hopes for the future.

Advancing skills and qualifications 

Emma found out about the apprenticeship through a government website. "Even though I had already started at university, the experience wasn’t for me; so I left and set out to look for an alternative. I found the apprenticeship to be the career experience I was looking for, one that could advance my skills and qualifications," comments Emma. 

Training and development opportunities 

Emma learned about insurance through shadowing colleagues, various training courses and her certification exams. Additionally, having never worked in an office before, Emma learned day-to-day office skills such as how to use company systems and office communications.

"My responsibilities as an apprentice change frequently as I gain more experience and knowledge. I have progressed to where I am now involved in renewals, processing and servicing clients," she explains. 

Apprenticeship highlights 

"The highlights so far have been building relationships with my colleagues/underwriters and gaining knowledge that helped me pass my exams. I also enjoy seeing new apprentices coming into the programme and being able to answer their questions and help them feel comfortable," explains Emma. 

Management aspirations 

In the future Emma would like to gain more responsibility in her role and one day be able to move into a management position.

Advice for future apprenticeships  

Giving advice for future apprentices at WTW, Emma says. "Having some previous work experience would be an advantage."

"I would also say to anyone exploring this route: Don’t rule out university too quickly and don’t rule out the apprenticeship too easily. Explore all your options and try to avoid tunnel vision."

Grow and develop on a rewarding apprenticeship programme with WTW

WTW's apprenticeship programme provide comprehensive training and support from tutors and the ability to gain a fully funded professional qualification.

Search apprenticeship opportunities and begin your journey building a successful career with WTW.


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