LinkedIn celebrates Black female entrepreneurs driving change

LinkedIn celebrates Black female entrepreneurs driving change

 February 27, 2022

Honoring Black History MonthLinkedIn celebrated many Black entrepreneurs who are charting new paths as they seek to align their passions with their work and are driving change in their communities and beyond.

Below are stories of Black LinkedIn members working to drive change.

Sherrell Dorsey, The Plug

The first time Sherrell sat down in front of a computer and started learning to code, she saw a world of opportunity. That’s why she created The Plug, a digital news and insights platform dedicated to reporting on Black innovation trends, bringing underserved and under-covered entrepreneurs and their companies to the forefront of tech’s evolution.

Watching Black women run businesses, manage clients, students, and serve their community helped Sherrell lay the early foundation for her interest in entrepreneurship. Every day, Sherrell and her team work hard to honor Black genius, which is why she partnered up with LinkedIn during Black History Month to celebrate entrepreneurship.

Yelitsa Jean-Charles, Healthy Roots Dolls

As a young girl, Yelitsa was thrilled to receive a doll as a gift, but found herself disappointed when she noticed it looked nothing like her. That experience drove her to start Healthy Roots Dolls, so Black girls like her could play with dolls whose features - and hair - looked and felt like their own.

LinkedIn has been a part of Yelitsa's journey in building new relationships, which is why she is excited to partner with LinkedIn to share her story and celebrate Black entrepreneurship.

LinkedIn hopes to encourage new connections that shine a spotlight on Black entrepreneurs and Black-owned businesses.

LinkedIn celebrates and values diversity 

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