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Listen to the HCL Technologies IWD podcast

Listen to the HCL Technologies IWD podcast

 March 08, 2022

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A HCL Technologies goal is to promote the careers of women in the technology environment – 365 days a year. To this end, HCL Technologies has developed a wide variety of programs that have a long-term and sustainable effect.

In a podcast, presenter Heike Bartels discusses International Women's Day with three women who all work for HCL Technologies in Germany, and hears about their experiences in their professional life, and especially in the world of information technology.

The three women - Johanna, Hedwig and Jana - speak about their career at HCL Technologies and provide personal insights into their worksphere.

Advocating for girls and women in information technology 

HCL Technologies has a mission to get more girls and women interested in a career in information technology and for the fourth year in a row, the company is working together with International Women's Day in pursuing the goal of creating a gender-equal world. 

Listen to the podcast featuring Hedwig, Johanna and Jana - all of whom work in different IT areas at HCL Technologies.

PARTNER CONTENT: Developed in collaboration to support IWD's Women and Tech Mission.

HCL Technologies advances women in tech 

Are you ready to take your exciting career in information technology further? 

Check out the job opportunities available at HCL Technologies and start the next chapter in your career journey. 


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