Medtronics Dr Sally Saba features on MedtronicTalks podcast

Medtronic's Dr Sally Saba features on MedtronicTalks podcast

 March 15, 2022

Medtronic has launched season two of the MedtronicTalks podcast, a series that explores topics shaping the future of healthcare and the world.

In the first episode of season two of MedtronicTalks, Sally Saba, MD, the company’s first chief inclusion & diversity officer, demonstrates how exclusion can impact an individual and slow an organization. Sally, who joined Medtronic two months prior to the killing of George Floyd, talks listeners through the changes Medtronic is making and how they’re opening up more opportunities.

In the episode, Sally her journey from being born in Egypt to a winding-road career path, how inclusion is healing, and how Medtronic's Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 2021 Annual Report highlights the company's commitment and progress to advance inclusion, diversity and equity

Medtronic champions a culture of inclusion

Sally describes her work as healing the consciousness of corporations of companies, and she is a fervent believer in responsibility for inclusion and diversity starting at the top. Sally aims to equip leaders with the tools needed to drive local, meaningful action.

Her role and responsibility as the company's Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer involve strategy, design and build, to execute on a business strategy for advancing Medtronic's progress on issues of diversity, inclusion and equity, within the organization and outside it. This includes accountability and governance models, inspiring change within the organization and outside, and advancing Medtronic's own education and understanding of what this work entails and what it takes to get there.

"It's no longer enough for an organization to make a profit and exist to perform for shareholders, but it's a refinement of the concept that companies live and breathe in a context that is political, social, and economic, and that matters now to how companies interact with, and uphold values for and by their stakeholders, not just their shareholders," says Sally.

"The more you understand what drives an employee, the more you understand that their perceived value of how the organization and their colleagues value them, respect them, treat them with fairness, see them, allow their voice to be heard, is the most critical driver of our health and our human behavior, and our innovation within companies," she comments.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the changes Medtronic is making to build diversity, improve equity and encourage inclusion.

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