Meet a Medtronic VP & General Manager, Emily Elswick

Meet a Medtronic VP & General Manager, Emily Elswick

 March 14, 2022

Medtronic celebrates Women's History Month by applauding the achievements of their diverse talent, such Emily L. Elswick is Vice President & General Manager of Lung Health & Visualisation and Surgical Innovations s Medtronic in Minnesota, USA.

"I am humbled every day to lead businesses dedicated to improving the lives of patients facing a cancer diagnosis. I am equally grateful to work with amazing women and men around the globe committed to our Mission and the impact we are making to advance inclusion, diversity, and equity," says Emily.

Diversity that drives innovation

Medtronic prides itself on their diversity, which is key to their innovation. They see a diverse team of innovators who bring their own worldview, unique backgrounds, and individual life experiences to work every day. Medtronic works hard to cultivate a workforce that reflects their patients and partners. They believe it’s the only way to drive healthcare forward and remain a global leader in medical technology and solutions.

"The broad range of ideas and diversity of experiences brought by all Medtronic employees is what drives innovation, creativity, and better decision-making across our global team, which ultimately results in better outcomes for patients," says Geoff Martha, Medtronic Chairman & CEO.

Join a diverse culture and lead the way in innovative thinking

Medtronic is committed to advancing women's careers.

Search their career opportunities and bring your leadership skills to this inclusive employer.


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