Clouderas Amy Brennan enjoys support and career advancement

Cloudera's Amy Brennan enjoys support and career advancement

 March 15, 2022

Cloudera strives for equality, commits to excellence and acts with integrity. It's Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) team is working with leaders and team members across the company to help narrow representation gaps.

Meet Amy Brennan, an Account Based Marketing (ABM) Manager with Cloudera.

"When I joined Cloudera 18 months ago, I quickly learned that this was a company where DE&I values were truly reflected in the company’s culture and ethos. Cloudera is consistently committed to building a more diverse environment and continues to work on building this environment day in day out. With a strong focus on such efforts, it did not surprise me to hear the fantastic news of Cloudera now being recognised as one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland', by Great Places To Work, a truly deserved accolade," explains Amy.

"From my own personal experience working at Cloudera, I have been supported and encouraged by management and peers every step of the way, and in my short tenure successfully succeeded in moving up in my career to a new role within the company. My ambition to move into this role was met with little to no resistance, I was encouraged and given the support needed to be successful in this opportunity. This was unfamilliar for me, recalling prior experiences in my career, and demonstrated the commitment Cloudera had towards females in succeeding and moving upwards on the career ladder," comments Amy. 

"Being part of a company with the recognition of a great place for women to work is an attribute I will celebrate, it’s something to be proud of and share with peers. I’m excited to see what Cloudera has planned for the future and I have no doubt will continue to achieve much more in the Great Place To Work space!"

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