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WSP Director Katerina Tsitonaki discusses groundwater

WSP Director Katerina Tsitonaki discusses groundwater

 March 23, 2022

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In a Q&A article named Safeguarding Groundwater Resources: A View From Denmark, WSP Technical Director for Contaminated Soil & Groundwater, Katerina Tsitonaki, shares insights and practices that can help advance the sustainable management of groundwater resources around the world. The article is co-authored by her colleague Thomas Hauerberg Larsen, Technical Director, Contaminated Soil and Groundwater.

Katerina shares the central issues pertaining to groundwater around the world and the main challenges associated with groundwater in Denmark. 

Katerina also suggests ways to advance the sustainable management of groundwater resources.

"Climate change...affects groundwater resources around the globe. In some areas, decreasing rainfall, in combination with higher temperatures leads to a reduced recharge of the resources, and therefore groundwater depletion," says Katerina.

"In other regions, such as in Denmark, increased rainfall leads to a rise of the groundwater table close to or above the surface, which can be destructive for farmland, and/or the urban environment."

Read the full article.

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