The European Investment Bank (EIB) invests in its employees

The European Investment Bank (EIB) invests in its employees

 March 28, 2022

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Learning and development opportunities, a diverse environment, flexible working arrangements, an attractive remuneration package - what if an employer was able to offer all of this and more?

At the European Investment Bank (EIB), investing in its colleagues is as important as investing in the projects it finances. The Bank aims to offer an enriching professional environment where employees will find numerous opportunities to develop while enjoying their personal and family life.

Three reasons to work at EIB

  • Mission 
    Help shape a meaningful future for the EU and beyond. The EIB is the Bank of the European Union. It finances sustainable projects that have a positive impact on the lives of EU citizens and communities around the world.

    The EIB backs a broad variety of projects, from large infrastructure (like the Øresund bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden), to scientific research (like the development of new treatments to find a cure for cancer).
  • Setting
    Work in a diverse and rewarding environment. The EIB interacts with people from across Europe and the world. The Bank offers a diverse environment where everyone can thrive and bring their own uniqueness to the table.

    The EIB believes in allowing employees to cultivate their personal life and enjoy a work-life balance by offering flexible working arrangements (e.g. part-time, teleworking).
  • Development
    Broadening professional horizons. To fulfil its mission it is important for employees to be able to work at the maximum of their capabilities and strive to develop their skills and competencies.

    The EIB provides a wide range of learning opportunities, as well as internal mobility and transversal projects.

Growing talent

Growing talent is at the heart of the EIB's people management approach. The Bank believes all its colleagues have their own talent (skills, cognitive abilities, knowledge) and potential to do their job well. Together with their manager, employees will be actively involved in building their future career.

Employee performance will be assessed and recognised, and the Bank will give them the opportunity to cultivate the right skills and competencies to do their job at their best.

Through the EIB's talent management approach, career perspectives, ambitions and skills will be evaluated and managed to help employees find the most suitable role within the EIB team.

Career development

The EIB career development and learning offer aims to enhance employee performance at work by developing skills and competencies, to help them overcome their current and future professional challenges.

From the first day, employees will experience the EIB's comprehensive on-boarding programme, which will help them navigate around its activities and business areas, and meet new colleagues.

The EIB has a wide range of training and development opportunities to cover all business needs.

The EIB offer includes:

  • programmes for management and leadership
  • personal development training aimed at improving your core competencies
  • job-related skills and IT training
  • banking and financial skills training
  • language courses
  • job shadowing
  • mentoring
  • coaching
  • secondments
  • career counselling

EIB's methodology includes not only classroom training, workshops and info-sessions, but also modern and flexible options such as e-learning and mobile applications. The Bank believes that varied forms of learning are conducive to your development, and are better suited to your time schedule.

An attractive reward package

The EIB offers competitive and balanced terms of employment and an attractive remuneration package composed of:

  • base salary
  • performance-related awards
  • other financial and non-financial benefits

The European Investment Bank offers attractive employee benefits

Working for the European Investment Bank can be very rewarding.

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