Meet Beam Suntory Associate Brand Manager Reme Fernandez

Meet Beam Suntory Associate Brand Manager Reme Fernandez

 April 04, 2022

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Beam Suntory believes its employees grow together in diverse and inclusive environments, where unique insights, experiences and backgrounds are valued and respected.

As a world leader in premium spirits, Beam Suntory is inspiring human connections. Its brands continue to bring people together, as they have been doing for over 200 years. The company is committed to embracing differences, while leveraging its unique East-meets-West cultural advantage, in order to foster innovation, collaboration and empower its people to succeed.

The company sees many talented women forging their careers. One such woman is Reme Fernandez who is an Associate Brand Manager with Beam Suntory's Jim Beam® Global. Reme.

Passion for new experiences

“I’ve been to 56 countries, taken sailing lessons, and been cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa - definitely the wildest thing I have ever done. I have a passion and curiosity for experiencing new things, which I think comes from how I grew up. I was born in Spain, where my family is from, but moved abroad when I was two years old due to my father’s job. I moved around a lot and spent my childhood growing up across North and South America and Europe. I regularly had to adapt to new surroundings and was exposed to many different cultures and backgrounds. This is, in part, why I became so involved with SALUD (Beam Suntory’s Hispanic & Latinx Employee Impact Group) - because I’m both Hispanic in the sense that I come from Spain, and Latina in the sense that I grew up in Latin America," explains Reme.

Opportunities for adventure

Beam Suntory's culture is charged, creative, and challenging, with endless opportunities to “Unleash Your Spirit” every day.

"Back in March 2021, the Hornitos® Tequila Marketing team was running an internal contest to help employees make their Shot Worth Taking happen. I filled out the survey saying that I’d ‘mastered’ water and land through surfing lessons and running a half marathon, but wanted to experience the air by learning to fly a plane next. My application was selected, and a few months later, I had my first lesson. It was a very cool experience, flying over Chicago and looking down to see the lakeshore, my neighborhood and the downtown area. You can feel every little bump while you’re up there… I was a bit nauseous at first! My parents were definitely relieved when I wrapped up my first flight safely. They are always a little nervous when I start brewing up my next adventure, but I always tell them: If you didn’t want me to seek out new adventures, you shouldn’t have had me traveling since I was two years old!," she says.

Encouraged to take risks

Reme is a creative spirit, enthusiastic leader and team player.

"I’m a bit of a free spirit, even in my professional journey. While I do think through decisions carefully like most folks, I try not to let fear or uncertainty stop me from taking a leap. I’m fortunate that Beam Suntory encourages me to continue forging my own path and to take risks, and I’m excited for my current adventure in the Jim Beam® Global Brand House. Jim Beam® is all about community and creating experiences and moments that matter, which couldn’t be more important today. It’s an honor to be one of many behind this global icon, and to be charged with helping to use its platform to connect and lift up people," comments Reme.

Unleash your spirit with Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory is committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and leveraging the power of diversity of thought.

Search the rewarding career opportunities with Beam Suntory.


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