Great graduate opportunities with Schneider Electric

 March 01, 2017

As a Graduate Engineer working in Strategic Intelligence - Marketing, Schneider Electric’s Fabiana Moreno says the graduate programme at this top employer has offered her a varied and progressive role where she can challenge the status quo. Here she explains why Schneider Electric is a great option for women considering a career in engineering:

1. What's Fabiana's role at Schneider Electric?

I am currently gearing towards the end of the graduate programme; which has consisted in three different placements across different business units. I have been with the Field Services team, Power Solutions and I am currently supporting the Marketing services team. The programme has been a great learning experience; because it’s so varied you are constantly challenged but also rewarded along the way. On my first placement I was onsite with the field engineers and the following placement I was in the office discussing big bids with bidding engineers.

2. How does Fabiana describe her career journey?

The graduate scheme has offered me constant learning and many development opportunities, but one of the highlights for me was to be able to participate in my group project showing the total cost of ownership of our solutions to our customers in the UK, which has now had interest from the US to be rolled globally.

3. What exciting projects has Fabiana worked on at Schneider Electric?

During my power solutions placement, I was involved in quoting our Power Monitoring Expert software. One of the leading Power management software in the market which collects and organizes data gathered from your facility’s electrical network and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via intuitive web interface. I was in charge of designing how the meters could be connected and fed back to our software server.

4. What does Fabiana enjoy about her role and why's it a great fit?

The programme has had a great mix of technical and commercial roles across different areas of the organization. For me, it was important to have the opportunity to work and explore different business units to get a flavour of the business not only I have been able to develop my technical skills but also commercially.

What I enjoyed the most about the programme was on how many things I got involved. I have had the opportunity to support my manager strategizing about our top customers at Field Services, supported the engineers in the field, prepared bids for big projects, have provided intelligence information about our competitors and different industries to senior peers.

5. Why is Schneider Electric a great place to work?

What I love about Schneider Electric is the array of training opportunities and challenges that brings working for a transnational corporation like ours. There is a support network for anyone who wants to progress in their career and diversity is valued at every level of the chain. Our technology is exciting with a great purpose of making sure that we have reliable energy everywhere at any time!

6. What advice does Fabiana have for women and graduate engineers?

Engineering is a great career, where you can push yourself and others to solve today’s problems. There is a pre-conception that engineering is not a career for women and this couldn’t be further from the truth. More women nowadays are studying STEM subjects to go into engineering. A career that offers so many opportunities.

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