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AECOM employee resource groups actively promote equity

AECOM employee resource groups actively promote equity

 April 19, 2022

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Advancing its equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) priorities and supporting change in its industry takes focus and commitment from AECOM. The company's champions play a critical role in helping to make an impact.

AECOM's employee resources groups ensure that diverse voices are represented and heard and provide opportunities for networking, career development and community outreach.

AECOM employee resource groups (ERGs) do it all. As a key part of its equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) efforts, these teams help create dialogue and understanding amongst employees, engage with and support the company's communities, and make people feel welcome. 


AECOM mosaic

MOSAIC stands for 'Magnifying opportunities, Overcoming challenges, Supporting one another, Amplifying API voices, Increasing visibility, Creating awareness.'

“I am passionate about leading this employee resource group because with support from AECOM's leadership, we are making diversity both approachable, actionable, and meaningful in the company," says Pooja Mahajan, Project Engineer, West Region, President, MOSAIC. 

Women’s Leadership Alliance ERG


“I’m passionate about the WLA and ERGs generally because not only do they help foster community and caring, they clearly demonstrate AECOM's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion," explains Wendy Lau, Regional Practice Leader, President, Women’s Leadership Alliance. 


BeBOLD stands for 'Black Employees Bridge to Opportunity, Leadership and Development.'

“I am passionate about leading BeBOLD because it gives me the opportunity to help Black employees, build lasting community partnerships and help shape the future culture of a growing company. I am honored to be that resource for others that I often wished I had," says Donald O. Sewald, Jr., Vice President, Regional Practice Leader, President, BeBOLD. 

Ethnic Diversity Network (Europe) ERG

“The benefits of joining ERGs vary for individuals but if there was one thing that matters most, it’s a sense of belonging in an inclusive environment. Together we can influence and lead meaningful change through partnerships in our industry and communities," comments Robert Hewitt, Principal Landscape Architect, Chair, Ethnic Diversity Network.


JUNTOS stands for 'Justice, Unity, Networking, Togetherness, Opportunity, Support'

“Being a leader for JUNTOS is meaningful to me because it allows me to help widen the path of opportunities for others so the future of AECOM is rich with diverse perspectives and contributions," says Fernando Vazquez, Vice President, Regional Water Business Development Leader, East/LATAM Region. 

Pride (Americas, Europe, Australia & New Zealand) ERG

“The Pride ERG has created a community that brings together LGBTQ+ colleagues and our allies through events and initiatives that allow us to share our stories, learn from each other, and help everyone to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work," explaisn Cristian Bevington, Senior Analyst, Cities, President, Pride Americas. 

Equity, diversity and inclusion leaders

AECOM's ED&I steering committee helps the company think and act globally. Made up of leaders and champions from around the world, the committee ensures the company's global ED&I strategy stands for its different communities, is shaped by its people, and creates a forum to share best practices and initiatives happening across the organization.  

AECOM is committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I).

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