Looking to apply for a career with the EIB Group? Heres how

Looking to apply for a career with the EIB Group? Here's how

 April 19, 2022

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The European Investment Bank (EIB Group) is a bank with a difference: with everyone sharing a passion for helping shape a better future for the European Union and beyond. 

Here are some useful tips from EIB Group's experts for applying for a job vacancy with the EIB Group?

How to write a motivation letter and resume

Raquel Cordoba, Senior Communication Officer, General Secretariat, provides some tips on how to prepare your application documents. 

"Once you hit apply, you will be asked to fill out the application details for the job you are interested in," explains Raquel. 

"The application details is the first opportunity for us to get to know you, and to assess your match with our requirements in a standardized format," comments Claudio Pasqui, Head of Human Resources Strategy & Transformation Division, Personnel Directorate. 

"It also gives you the opportunity to tell us about your motivation, and your strengths," Claudio continues. 

Your application 

Claudio explains that in the application details, it is essential that you focus on the job you are applying for. "Highlight the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications that are relevant to that specific job. Do not assume we know what you do, and please avoid any specific company or industry jargon."

Barbara Balke, Director General Legal Directorate & EIB General Counsel explains: "You will also be asked to add a cover letter. That will help us to get to know you more. Tailor it, and pay close attention to the job requirements and responsibilities. Try to relate them to your own experiences. Make it personal, make is specific, and make it relevant."

Barbara reinforces that the EIB Group doesn't hire a CV, it hires a person. "Tell us why you would like to have this particular job. Don't reuse an old application. Write is specifically for this job. Dazzle us."

"In your cover letter, make the most of your full range of experiences," says Barbara. "You might find a good example from your study days, or from the first job you ever worked in. Be informative but concise."

Barbara says that the Bank wants to learn as much as possible about you. "Mention what you have achieved, not just the jobs you held. And, check for typos and errors - first impressions count." 

Raquel discusses the EIB Group's diverse culture, with many colleagues coming from different countries, speaking and working in different languages. "So please let us know of any languages that you speak. Each of them will be an asset. Also, for some jobs there might be specific IT tools that are required to succeed. If you know any that we ask for, please mention it," she says. 

Next steps 

Dorota Kolodziej-Florczyk, Head of Learning & Development Unit, Personnel Directorate, explains that once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by a hiring manager and a recruiter. 

"Once you are selected, you will be asked to do a pre-recorded digital interview. It is a simple application that you open in your computer, and you will be asked around five questions about your motivation and fit to the role," she says. 

Dorota explains that because its technology, candidates should make sure their microphone and camera are working. "Secondly, practice three-minute answers to questions. And finally, for other suggestions and guidance, check out the interview preparation video."

Unleash your potential in a role at the EIB Group

The EIB Group is committed to offering a work-life balance that enables employees to deliver at work and enjoy their personal lives.

They look for talented individuals from a wide range of disciplines including banking, economics, legal, engineering and corporate support services like Human Resources and Information Technology.

Check out the latest career opportunities with the EIB Group. 


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