Hear from Medtronic women engineering the extraordinary

Hear from Medtronic women engineering the extraordinary

 April 21, 2022

As a global leader in healthcare technology, Medtronic has the extraordinary potential to make a positive impact on major global challenges, like ensuring sustainability. 

Medtronic's teams across the world are working to reduce the company's energy use, investing in renewables, and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions intensity.

This work also includes creating climate-resilient operations for the future and supporting communities recovering from climate-change-induced natural disasters.

Meet the Medtronic women who are engineering sustainability. 

Meet Molly Dionne, Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Indirect Supply at Medtronic in Minnesota 

Molly Dionne Medtronic

Meet Gillian Greene, Chemist /Quality at Medtronic in Ireland

Gillian Green Medtronic

Meet Shona Kamps, Business Analyst New Partnerships & Solutions for Medtronic

Shona Kamps Medtronic

Meet Madeleine Henderson, Hardware Engineer II, Co-Founder of Environmental Action Group at Medtronic

Madeleine Henderson Medtronic

Meet Kim Makurat, Senior Specialist, Enterprise Sustainability Program for Medtronic

Kim Makurat Medtronic

Medtronic is an employer that cares about people and the planet 

Medtronic aims to use sustainable business practices to minimize its environmental footprint. 

Looking to work for this environmentally-focused employer? 

Apply now for a rewarding career with Medtronic. 


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