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Progressive employer HCL signs Swedish Diversity Charter

Progressive employer HCL signs Swedish Diversity Charter

 April 25, 2022

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HCL Technologies is proud to be a member of the Diversity Charter Sweden and believes that progress is best achieved through inclusivity and collaboration. 

The Diversity Charter was founded in 2004 in Paris by a group of companies who together intended to create better conditions for integration in their own businesses, while at the same time working with a broader social perspective.

Successful ways of working with diversity

Diversity Charter Sweden runs a network for companies and organizations who actively strive after a successful way of working with diversity. The network offers great opportunities for exchanging experiences and developing knowledge through our regular activities.

The Swedish Charter was founded in 2010 by Axfood, A-search, Lectia, Managing Diversity, L´Oreal, Novartis, Sodexo, Scandic, Skanska and Volvo. Members aim to contribute a Nordic perspective on diversity and take part in developing the organization’s member network.

Combating discrimination 

The EU Commission recognizes the contribution of Diversity Charter in combating discrimination. They support the work by financing meetings, so-called Exchange Platforms, for exchanging experience about inclusion in working life from a European perspective.

The Diversity Charter Sweden has:

  • 26 national Diversity Charters across the EU 
  • over 12,000 signatories (companies, public institutions, NGOs, universities, unions)
  • 75 signatories in Sweden
  • over 16 million employees represented

Making employees feel included and valued 

HCL’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy was crafted keeping in view that every employee feels included and valued. By fostering a climate free of bias, where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic, HCL is a result-oriented and caring organization that draws intellectual strength and produces innovative solutions from the synergy of its people.

HCL’s talent strategy is focused on four pillars of Diversity and Inclusion which include:

  • Gender Inclusion
  • Cultural Inclusion
  • Disability Inclusion
  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

Work for a company committed to diversity and inclusion 

HCL is hugely focused on inclusion to maximize talent attraction, growth, and retention.

Feel valued and empowered working for this prime employer for women. 

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