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Diageo actively supports the wellbeing of its employees

Diageo actively supports the wellbeing of its employees

 May 03, 2022

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Diageo is passionate about the wellbeing of its employees and believes it is at its best when all employees are physically and mentally thriving, emotionally balanced, financially secure, and socially connected.

It is a company with a mix of vibrant, motivated people working together to deliver great performance in an environment that allows everyone to flourish.

Christina Choi is Diageo North America's Marketing Senior Vice President and is supported by Diageo's wellbeing philosophies.

Employer passionate about wellbeing

Diageo takes great care to make sure skills, hard work and inspired decision-making are celebrated and rewarded. The company continuously strives to create reward packages that support its employees all-round wellbeing.

“Being responsible for my own wellbeing means that it begins with me. Diageo, however, gives me and my team the right tools and resources to allow my wellbeing to thrive,” says Christina.

Company committed to supporting its employees

Diageo's people, each with their extraordinary character, have different experiences, backgrounds, habits, and circumstances. The company has designed wellbeing and flexible working philosophies that all employees can benefit from.

It believes that there are four common factors that affect everyone:

  • to thrive physically requires understanding and managing of health
  • mental wellbeing is influenced by a variety of factors
  • financial wellbeing is about a sense of security
  • social wellbeing is a sense of belonging to a community and making a contribution to society

Diageo designs its workplaces, rewards, and benefits with wellbeing in mind. Its philosophy helps the company to create an environment in which its people can have fulfilling career experiences, with access to a wealth of resources and tools to help each individual take control of their own wellbeing, because it knows no one size fits all.

Join an employer that advocates for employee wellbeing

For Diageo to achieve its ambition, it depends on recruiting, retaining and developing diverse talent with a range of backgrounds, skills and capabilities.

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