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EBRD appoints Zofia Baile as its Director of Internal Audit

EBRD appoints Zofia Baile as its Director of Internal Audit

 May 09, 2022

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) appoints Zofia Baile as its Director of Internal Audit. 

"Please join us in congratulating Zofia on her appointment," said the EBRD on its social media feed.

Inspiring female leadership

The Bank is committed to championing women's equality in the workplace and empowering female leaders. It seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect, has equal opportunities and feels valued.

Gender equality is an integral part of the EBRD's commitment to promoting sustainable and inclusive market economies through its project and policy activities. The EBRD promotes equality of opportunity through access to skills and employment, finance and entrepreneurship for women and young people.

The rich mix of nationalities, cultures and opinions of more than 2,000 EBRD employees supports its drive for greater collaboration, innovation, better decision-making and strong relationships with everyone it works with. The bank aims to sustain and build on this strength, focusing on gender balance, multiculturalism, flexible working, LGBT and disability awareness.

Championing and promoting equality

The EBRD's diversity and inclusion agenda is led from the very top, with its Executive Committee and senior leadership championing and promoting equality, and regularly reviewing progress.

The Bank is committed to leading and managing its people with skill and care. It invests in the development of people-management skills among its supervisors, managers and leaders as a key factor in employee engagement.

Inspired to join successful women leaders at the EBRD?

The EBRD recruits talented and driven individuals who are passionate about its values and make a positive impact on society.

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