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WTW gives consultants client-facing skills & experience early on

WTW gives consultants client-facing skills & experience early on

 May 11, 2022

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WTW has received a City & Guilds Princess Royal Training Award for its UK Pathfinder programme, which has developed over 500 consultants with the skills, confidence and experience needed to be client-facing from an early stage. 

Increasing and accelerating opportunity 

WTW's UK Pathfinder programme increases and accelerates opportunities for junior consultants to build essential technical and interpersonal skills, the Pathfinder programme involved senior consultants in their development.

Employees who participate in the programme deliver value to the business at an earlier stage while accelerating their own capabilities and careers. With a strong support system, trainee consultants develop the skills, confidence and experience to enable them to become effective client-facing consultants, faster.

Recognizing exceptional commitment to development

Running for a number of years, the Princess Royal Training Awards honour employers who have created outstanding training and skills development programmes, which have resulted in exceptional benefits.

The result is an award that highlights the range and quality of training that exists in industry.

Despite facing unprecedented challenges due to Covid-19, the organisations receiving this standard of excellence have created and delivered highly engaging training programmes, which have resulted in significant and measurable impact.  

Previous recipients of a Princess Royal Training Award have reported clear positive impacts on their business, with 82% saying it has improved recruitment and retention and 62% reporting increased investments into training programmes.

This will be paramount when it comes to helping businesses recover post-Covid, closing sector skills gaps and promoting a culture of skills development.  

Bring your consulting career to WTW 

WTW consultants tackle challenges, fuel potential, and make a meaningful difference. Plus they can receive client-facing skills, confidence and experience right from early on in their career - brilliant award-winning support!

Have what it takes to embark on a rewarding consulting career at the company?

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