Theramex shares the importance of talking about menopause

Theramex shares the importance of talking about menopause

 May 18, 2022

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Theramex is passionate about women's health, as it knows it can make a difference in different stages of their life. The company supports women, whether they are going through menopause, osteoporosis or fertility issues.

When looking at menopause, Theramex recognises the significance of this time of change in a woman's life and continuously works with women, its partners and medical professionals to develop treatments to support women through the menopause.

Many women have been misdiagnosed because the symptoms of menopause have been confused with, for example, depression.

The importance of talking about menopause

Theramex CEO, Robert Stewart, highlights the importance of talking more about the menopause - especially in the workplace. “I think it’s important that we talk about it, not only in terms of recognition of what women are going through but also how better we can support them. All of that plays into really understanding and the need to be educated around what women go through with the menopause and then what treatment options are available and how those treatments have evolved over time. How safe these treatments are and how they complement with lifestyle, could really drastically improve a patient’s life,” says John.

That is why Theramex wants to empower women through information so that they can make the right decisions about their health.

Empowering women through information 

Discussing the importance of Theramex's mission, Robert Stewart says: “Having that mission, of really being here for women and serving all of the patients and women that depend on us, that is so important to me personally. It drives me every day, because we know that we are making a difference.”

Help make a difference to women's health

Theramex is an employer that values and supports women's health. 

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