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HCL discusses women leaders in the age of disruption

HCL discusses women leaders in the age of disruption

 May 18, 2022

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As part of the HCL Technologies Feminspiration series panel discussion, Uma Sivasubramani, Global HR Operations & Corporate HR, Mavenir [pictured above], and Neelu Sethi, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Reddy Ice, shared their perspectives on Women Leaders in the Age of Disruption.

Many aspiring leaders from HCL Technologies who joined the session found it relevant and enthralling, with it centering around striking a balance between people and technology.

The panelists discussed their career journeys, and the challenges women encounter in male-dominated industries. They also deliberated on the impact disruption has had on women’s careers.

A sense of purpose and achievement 

"People's perspectives on what they want from their careers have changed," explained Uma Sivasubramani. 

"It is no longer enough to show them career growth or the chance to work on the latest technologies. Today, people want a sense of purpose and achievement - not just a total rewards package! People today seek out companies that provide employees with opportunities to contribute to society through their impactful work in technology."

Leadership to drive digital transformation

HCL Technology Feminspiration Series

Neelu Sethi explained that "The pandemic has changed consumerization across the world. It is now time for a different brand of leadership. We now need the kind of leadership that can drive digital transformation by shifting the talent to another level, ensuring collaboration, engagement, empowerment, motivation, and more. Now is the time to be the leader you always wanted to be!"

Owning your success 

HCL Technologies Feminispiration Series

Denise Millard, SVP, Global Alliances, Dell Technologies, led a Feminspiration session at HCL Technologies where she addressed aspiring women leaders. 

Denise spoke passionately about Owning your Success: Building your Brand and Network for the Future, sharing anecdotes from her professional journey. She highlighted some defining moments from her climb up the corporate ladder and offered valuable tips on how women can enjoy gratifying careers in technology.

Reflecting on pertinent gender aspects 

The HCL Technologies Feminspiration series strives to bring in diverse perspectives and wisdom from successful women leaders as they reflect on pertinent gender aspects in engaging sessions with HCL employees and aspiring leaders. 

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