Jennifer McVean shares what inspired her role with Medtronic

Jennifer McVean shares what inspired her role with Medtronic

 May 24, 2022

In an episode of Medtronic's Medtronic Talks podcast, Medical Affairs Director, Jennifer McVean MD from Medtronic’s diabetes business shares how a devastating childhood diagnosis started her on her mission to help people with diabetes.

Grateful to Medtronic technology 

Jennifer used her inspiration to push through medical school and to embark a career treating children. Jennifer uses her skills and experience at Medtronic. In the podcast, Jennifer explains why she is grateful to Medtronic technology.

"I really became a pediatric endocrinologist because I understand what it's like to have type one diabetes as a child, and I realize how hard it is as the child that has type one diabetes, but also how hard it is for the whole family," Jennifer explains.

Workplace goals 

Jennifer's goal when taking care of children with diabetes is to try to help them be the person they would be without diabetes.

"Yes, they have diabetes, yes they have to do the things to take care of their diabetes, but how can we keep them healthy and keep them on the field playing soccer, or out on the ice playing hockey, or in band, whatever it is," she explains. 

"Helping them maximize their time, doing all the things that kids love to do in life, and to try to minimize as much as possible the impact that diabetes has on the child and on their social life and on the family and on their lives. It really is not only a child, but it's an entire disease of the family."

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