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WSP celebrates individuality this Pride Month

WSP celebrates individuality this Pride Month

 June 09, 2022

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WSP is coming together for Pride Month, celebrating individuality, inclusion, diversity, teamwork, uniqueness and authenticity.

WSP's goal is achieving LGBTQIA+ equity by promoting diversity through cultural change, inclusive policy, and global practices. Its culture values respect for all backgrounds, voices, and ideas that strengthen its purpose. WSP is a place where everyone is Free To Be.

WSP employees are a collaborative team of experts that thrive on complex challenges and unconventional thinking. Throughout the month of June, WSP is sharing stories from its employees across the globe about what it means to be free to bring their authentic selves to work and are celebrating the freedom to pursue their purpose with Pride.

Bringing one's true self to work

Sienna Templeman [pictured above] is an Associate Consultant Resilience Practice for WSP in Seattle, USA.

Commenting on bringing one's true self to work, Sienna says: “The weight of keeping your personal life not only private but a *secret* at work can make you a less efficient and productive employee, but on a more profound level, it can make you feel like you’re living a lie."

"Working in an environment where people are accepted regardless of gender, sexuality, or identity is a truly freeing experience that not all of us get to have, and I’m so grateful to have found that at WSP.” 

Allies supporting the LGBTQIA+ community

WSP Vicky Porter Office Manager

Vicky Porter is an Office Manager for WSP in Darwin, Australia.

She says: “The key to being an LGBTQIA+ ally is to be aware of your own behaviours and assumptions and then you can recognise these in others and help guide them. It can start with a simple “Welcome Everyone” instead of “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen” to be inclusive to all colleagues. You don’t have to be an expert - but being respectful, open and inclusive is the key.” 

Inclusion and diversity are core values.

WSP Lornalyn Gamba Transport Planner

Lornalyn Gamba is a Transport Planner in Pasig City in The Philippines for WSP.

“As part of WSP, it is important for me that the organization I belong to recognizes differences and celebrates individuality. With inclusion and diversity as the company's core values, I believe we have an atmosphere that creates a bond within the members and encourages an individual to show their own colors without fear of judgment,” explains Lornalyn.

Embrace inclusivity in a rewarding career with WSP

WSP is committed to building a culture where differences of all kinds are celebrated and valued.

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