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HCL Feminspiration panel sees leaders discuss work-life balance

HCL Feminspiration panel sees leaders discuss work-life balance

 June 14, 2022

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As part of the HCL Technologies Feminspiration series, an eminent panel comprising Lumen Senior Engineering Leader, Vineeta Menon, and Lumen Senior Technology leader Nikita Rathore, addressed some of the issues surrounding work-life balance from a leader's perspective.

"There is no perfect work/life balance. There are days when you work more than you want to and give more preference to work, and there are also days you want to give time to your family. It is critical to be planned and organized, communicate ahead of time and prioritize given the situation," said Vineeta [pictured above].

Normalizing a healthy work/life balance

HCL Technologies Feminspiration series

Nikita said: "To foster work/life balance, it's important to normalize things like flexible working hours, career breaks and nonlinear career paths. All effort we put in today to promote a better work-life balance will benefit future generations."

Bringing diverse perspectives from women leaders 

The HCL Technologies Feminspiration series strives to bring in diverse perspectives and wisdom from successful women leaders as they reflect on pertinent gender aspects in engaging sessions with HCL employees and aspiring leaders. 

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