QBE European Operations signs Menopause Workplace Pledge

QBE European Operations signs Menopause Workplace Pledge

 June 17, 2022

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Women make up nearly half of the UK workforce, but around 900,000 have quit their jobs due to the menopause, which is why QBE European Operations has signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge to take positive action to support those going through menopause.

Committing raising awareness about the menopause 

The campaign, delivered in partnership with Hello! Magazine and supported by Bupasees UK charity Wellbeing of Women encourage companies like QBE European Operations to join other high-profile supporters such banks, media outlets and government bodies, in signing the pledge. 

In signing the Menopause Workplace Pledge, QBE European Operations commits to:

  • Recognizing that the menopause can be an issue in the workplace and women need support
  • Talking openly, positively and respectfully about the menopause
  • Actively supporting and informing your employees affected by the menopause

Diversity is essential for success 

QBE European Operation's Inclusion of Diversity Strategy aims to create a more diverse workforce, inclusive workplace and connected marketplace by 2023. QBE European Operations knows that diversity of thought, background and experience is essential for success. 

The company's JustBe@QBE campaign is one of the ways it is bringing its strategy to life by inviting everyone to just be. QBE European Operations intentionally evolves its language to Inclusion of Diversity as it wants to create a workplace culture where all the company's people, in all the ways they are different, feel included. QBE European Operations know that this will in turn spark creativity, drive innovation, help attract and hold onto talented people and deliver the best outcomes for its customers.

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