Engineering interns Kya & Malia build experience at Medtronic

Engineering interns Kya & Malia build experience at Medtronic

 July 18, 2022

Want to launch an early career with a prime employer?

Medtronic offers some truly exciting internships for women that want to learn together, grow together and succeed together and help the company achieve its mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life for patients around the world.

A great company for STEM students, Medtronic welcomes a cohort of talented summer interns each year.

Here two engineering interns, Kya and Maila, share their experiences of their Medtronic internship along with their reasons as to why Medtronic is their employer of choice.

Caring for employee health and wellbeing

Kya [pictured above] is one of Medtronic’s Summer interns studying at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

She loves how Medtronic employees “care about the health and wellbeing of others”, highlighted by their “dedication”.

“This level of empathy allows for products and processes to be developed with a purpose and fosters a positive work environment,” she explains.

Developing meaningful healthcare products

Medtronic engineering intern

Meanwhile Maila [pictured above] from Fairfield University, chose Medtronic for her internship due to a personal connection to the company and its healthcare Mission.

With her family’s history of cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal diseases, Maila wanted to work on spme of the 'meaningful products' that Medtronic has developed to treat them.

“Medtronic has always stood out to me as an impressive company dedicated to what they’re doing and I wanted to be a part of that,” she adds.

Looking to do an engineering internship?

Medtronic is looking for ambitious, exceptional MBA students to take part in its Summer Internship Program. Be challenged, engaged and sharpen your skills with real work experiences. Work alongside other talented professionals to solve problems, improve processes, create new products, and empower customers.

Learn more about Medtronic internship opportunities, read advice from other interns, or apply for a permanent job role at the company.


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