John Deere VP Tamara Hedgren helps build customer value

John Deere VP Tamara Hedgren helps build customer value

 July 18, 2022

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Tamara Hedgren is Vice President, Manufacturing Lead for Tractors & Combines with John Deere

Through her role, Tamara works to align the company's global large tractor and combines factories on the long-term vision to ensure they provide a differentiated value for their customers, employees, and the business. "Our focus is on building customer value -and being smart, connected, and sustainable," explains Tamara.

"We are always changing as a company and that is exciting to see, but working for a company that is committed to finding better ways to feed the world is inspiring. Every day I learn more from the people around me and John Deere's core values of innovation, quality, commitment and integrity resonate with my personal core beliefs," shares Tamara. 

Her role is to drive innovation to transform John Deere's business for the future - and she regularly draws upon a range of strengths for her role. As such, Tamara is known as a very strategic, forward-thinking person, and a good listener.

Thriving outside one's comfort zone

Tamara undertook a traditional pathway to get into operations, by studying a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. She also studied an MBA.

"I've worked in many factory roles gaining different experiences as my career progressed including: Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Management & Operations. I've found that the roles I grew the most are the ones outside my comfort zone such as Business Develop, Product Line Director roles, and an oversea assignment in Spain," explains Tamara.  

One of Tamara's favorite projects has been to define and implement John Deere's new X9 & HD product programs. "I love projects that make a significant impact for our customers, employees and business, but I value the journey the most," explains Tamara. "How the team comes together to manage through challenging situations is key. I believe the sum of the team is worth more than the sum of the individuals, and I saw it first hand on this particular project."

Attracting more women into John Deere

When looking at how to get more women into roles like hers, Tamara believes this can be achieved by inspiring, learning, and supporting women to set them up for even bigger roles than hers. "I look forward to seeing a female CEO at John Deere. We need to instill a passion for learning while enabling the proper support network," says Tamara. 

And does she have any advice for women looking to work with John Deere? "Gain a lot of different experiences to grow your skills and business acumen. Treat obstacles as stepping stones.  Remember where there is a will there is a way!" suggests Tamara.

Tamara is driven by helping people develop to their fullest potential, especially the next generation of working women. She herself is very driven, resilient, and passionate - providing an exceptional role model for the younger generation of women.

Enjoying her downtime, Tamara spends time with her family. "They are my biggest accomplishment," she says. "We love to travel and create memories of a lifetime together."

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