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Tanya Voorne from Arcadis leads summer school workshop

Tanya Voorne from Arcadis leads summer school workshop

 July 23, 2022

Working for an employer with strong university and student links can be exciting. 

Supporting the Delft University of Technology's Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment summer school, Senior Project Lead for Resilience at Arcadis, Tanya Voorne, ran an insightful workshop for students. 

Over 80 students from all over the world participated in Tanya's workshop. Arcadis colleagues like Luuk Buitendijk, a Project Lead for Urban Development, were also involved alongside further Arcadis colleagues. 

Imparting knowledge and understanding about key trends

Arcadis Shelter Mission

Tanya's workshop supported the Arcadis Shelter Program of which Tanya is a Program Manager.

The Shelter Program, run by natural and built asset design and consultancy firm Arcadis, is delivered in partnership with UN-Habitat and addresses one of the world’s most urgent sustainability challenges: urbanization. Activities focus on three main activities: the Shelter Academy, the Shelter missions, and the Shelter workshops. Shelter Program activity sees balanced approaches to realizing the goal of sustainable development by sharing expertise and know-how exchange. As such, the program seeks to impart knowledge and understanding of key trends – as well as the tools and solutions needed for responding effectively to urban challenges – while supporting practical development measures that address the needs urban citizens.

IHS Erasmus University Rotterdam also supports the Shelter Academy, and saw academics Maartje van Eerd and Alonso Ayala deliver an informative class on resilience and climate change adaptation.

Addressing sustainable solutions for worldwide issues

Arcadis TU Delft

Tanya's workshop supports Delft University of Technology's focus on helping find concrete solutions for worldwide problems. Some of the University's focus areas include: 

  • Global Challenge: 
    A focus on global societal challenges faced by people in developing countries: global health, food security, affordable and reliable energy, affordable and sustainable housing and infrastructure, sustainable water management, clean water and sanitation for all.
  • Co-creation: 
    Close cooperation between the Delft scientists and partners in developing countries (knowledge institutions, entrepreneurs, NGOs and government) to jointly find concrete solutions to global societal challenges.
  • Science: 
    Research for global development involves creative, out-of-the-box, high quality scientific and technological innovations with a tangible output such as tools, services and marketable products. Scientists work in multidisciplinary teams to tackle the global challenges.

Learn more about the Arcadis Shelter Program here.

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