Theramex-funded menopause hot flush simulation vest makes impact

Theramex-funded menopause hot flush simulation vest makes impact

 July 27, 2022

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Menopause is a hot topic!

Thankfully, forging better understanding and support for menopause in the workplace is increasingly becoming a priority for employers.

And, awareness of the effects of menopause has even reached Westminster with Wes Streeting, Stephen Kinnock and Nick Thomas-Symonds among the politicians who tried the MenoVest device that is fitted with heated pads that mimic one of the most common and unpleasant symptoms.

Menopause is an economic issue

The event was hosted in Parliament in conjunction with The Menopause Taskforce, co-chaired by Carolyn Harris MP. The event at Portcullis House in Westminster aimed to drum up support for measures to ease Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) products shortage. 

The vest was developed by Over the Bloody Moon, a group that provides advice on menopause to companies and individuals, and funded by Theramex, one of the biggest makers of HRT products in the UK. The vest's electric pads recreate the sudden creep of heat that many women experience, contributing to one in 10 women leaving their jobs.

Menopause is an economic issue as it forces some women out of the workforce and leaves others less productive. Duncan Smith said “it should be an economic slam dunk” to ensure women get the help and support they need.

Theramex Menopause MenoVest

Menopause can be very disruptive

"Menopause affects 13 million women in the UK (according to the UK's Nuffield Health) but the impact for those who experience challenging symptoms, stretches out to their partners, family, colleagues, and community. Whilst there are an estimated 48 physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms, associated with menopause, one of the most challenging aspects of menopause is hot flushes and night sweats," explains Theramex. "Problems with controlling body temperature affects 70% women at some time in their menopause transition and can trigger indirect symptoms, such as disrupted sleep, joint pain, impaired cognitive function, and increased levels of anxiety."

Founder of Over the Bloody Moon, Lesley Salem, commented: “Hot flushes are one of top three symptoms that impact on the lives of menopausal women – disrupting sleep, increasing levels of anxiety and often affecting women’s performance at work. For those who haven’t experienced the feeling, it is easy to underestimate its intensity and fail to appreciate just what an impact it has on daily life.”

Calling for list of approved HRT drugs 

Theramex and the British Menopause Society have been calling for a national formulary, or list, of approved HRT drugs that would make it easier for doctors and pharmacists to prescribe them. Carolyn Harris wrote to the health secretary, Sajid Javid, to reiterate the importance of this issue.

Theramex MenoVest Menopause

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