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HCL Technologies collaborates with inspiring young talent

HCL Technologies collaborates with inspiring young talent

 July 27, 2022

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HCL Technologies connected with impressive young talent at the Jalisco Talent Land 2022 event to explore unique opportunities for their careers ahead.

HCL was a Gold Sponsor for the event that provided a wide range of opportunities for young talent to speak with team members to discover more about HCL Technologies career pathways, the company's culture, and to learn about open roles.

HCL Technologies provides great early career opportunities as it helps companies navigate their transformational journeys, fueling the way with deep capabilities in cloud, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. It is the next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises re-imagine their businesses for the digital age.

Young talent changing the world

HCL Technologies welcomes young talent

HCL Technologies invests heavily in training and workforce development programs to help its employees develop digital skills. To reinforce its commitment to inspiring the future workforce, HCL Technologies partners with leading academic institutions to further support employee development.

The company is dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. As an equal opportunity employer, HCL Technologies upholds its principles by ensuring every workplace is welcoming to everyone.

Inspiring the future workforce

HCL Technologies Jalisco Talent Land

Jalisco Talent Land supports training, inspiration and growth - with collaboration and networking between brilliant minds who are changing the world through their talent.

At the event, young talent had the opportunity to discover the peculiarities in biotechnology, trends and development in the business world, the necessary creativity in social networks, the peculiarities of AI, the Cloud and cybersecurity, the importance of decentralized finance, and improvements in autonomous robotics and industry 5.0.

Exploring exciting career opportunities

HCL Technologies future career opportunities

At Jalisco Talent Land, young talent could work on innovative solutions within Hackathons, decode the realities and myths of the metaverse via panels, conferences and immersive activities designed for adventure lovers on the oculus island, and they could enjoy the best DJ competition in Latin America.

The event saw more than five hundred speakers, over a thousand hours of content, seven thematic lands and thirteen stages, four Workshops and a Makerspace. There was also a personalized agenda, live streams, community, networking and more through Talent World, a supportive community that promotes, encourages and recognizes talent.

FInd out about the HCL's First Careers program

Learn about HCL's First Careers program that unlocks a first job with HCL Technologies and offers an assured career after graduation.

Inspired to bring your talents to life with HCL Technologies?

HCL Technologies is committed to supporting and empowering its early talent to deliver in the digital age.

Search the latest early career opportunities to kick-start a career with HCL Technologies.


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