Hear DXC Technology CIO Kristie Grinnells leadership strategies

Hear DXC Technology CIO Kristie Grinnell's leadership strategies

 August 12, 2022

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Supportive inclusive leaders are paramount for an organization's success. 

And, often, the best leaders across industries lead their people with HEART: humility, empathy, adaptability, resiliency, and transparency. They balance organizational goals with the needs of their teams, delivering consistent results along the way.

DXC Technology Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Kristie Grinnell, reinforces this message as she shares her leadership playbook on the Tech Whisperers Podcast.

"I love to drive change and transformation," says Christie on the podcast.

She the need for empathy at work. "I try and come at everything I do, whether it's talking to my kids, talking to my team or talking to my friends...we're all human. We're all doing the best we can with everything we have going down around us. And, if we can all step back and get out of our own heads a little bit, and have our heart play a little bit of that role - that you don't know what kind of day somebody had, you don't know what's going on behind them and their office doors, or going on in the life around them every day - and we do bring that all to work. Whether we try to or not, it does come to work with us. And so whenever I get into a team meeting, and especially leading a large transformation like this, I do try to lead with humility," explains Christie.

Leading teams with HEART 

Via an engaging conversation on the Tech Whisperers Podcast, Kristie opens up her leadership playbook to share how she leads her teams with HEART at DXC Technology.

The podcast covers:

  • How Kristie embodies each part of the HEART acronym in her leadership approach
  • The importance of accountability and the need to have the hard conversations
  • How Kristie inspires a culture of collaboration within her team
  • How to build a strong and agile team with a great culture
  • Why building trust needs to precede transparency

Award-winning executive with long-term experience

Kristie is an award-winning executive with over 20 years of experience driving change in public and privately held professional services companies.

For a tech leader like Kristie, it’s a work of art to not only develop leadership qualities, but also balance them with the often rigorous demands of the tech world – and Kristie has always been up to the challenge.

Listen to Kristie Grinnell on the podcast

DXC Kirtie Grinell

Listen to the podcast featuring DXC Technology's Kristie Grinnell.

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