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GKN encourages everyone to reach their full potential

 April 11, 2017

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Corina Junghetu works as a General Manager at GKN Hoeganaes in Buzau, Romania. 

Corina and her sister grew up in an environment where the equality between men and women was never put under question. With parents who are both engineers and a curiosity as to what makes the world move, both girls followed in their parents footsteps, and in 2016 Corina was appointed to her current role.

Corina’s career started in 1997 working in a laboratory as a chemical engineer for an iron manufacturing powder plant, which was acquired by GKN in 2003. She then spent six years as Quality and Finishing Manager, before becoming Operations Manager and now is responsible for the whole plant - 142 people and a €50 million business.

During the past 20 years Corina has faced many challenges. From the smooth implementation of a new management system, to finalizing a major Capex project in record time and without any interruptions of the deliveries to the customers, from working with people and investing into their development to receiving their appreciation, Corina summarises the secret of her success as doing everything with passion, involvement, accountability and sincerity. Asked about her next ambition, she said “I do not dream big for myself, I dream big for my team.”

However there is one achievement which overshadows everything else she’s done. “Being a mother is the best role I’ve ever had. If I look at my whole life there is no doubt that my biggest achievements are my son, Rares, and my daughter, Maria. I have two wonderful children.”

Growing up Corina was taught that there is nothing a man can achieve which cannot be achieved by a woman too. “These were the principles that have guided me through life and according to which I expect to be treated. More and more businesses and the world are embracing the benefits brought by more involvement of women: a different perspective, a more collaborative attitude and a practical approach. The balance and the sense of security that women have given for centuries in their families is now welcome and wanted in our society.”

“Be yourself, independent and strong, do whatever you like to do”. This is what Corina has always told her children, this is her advice to all young people interested in a career in engineering.

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