Capgeminis Relaunch programme supports women returners

Capgemini's Relaunch programme supports women returners

 October 03, 2022

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Career paths are not always linear or go from A to B. Life and personal challenges can have an impact on work, so employees will have to change direction and find other ways to make careers work. 

Meet Capgemini Engagement Manager Susannah Stephenson who shares her career before and after joining Capgemini’s Relaunch programme for people returning to work after a career break. 

Experiencing a fantastic set of opportunities 

“Having joined EDS in 1998, I am fortunate enough to have experienced a fantastic series of opportunities, going from a Forms Designer to a Project Co-ordinator then onto Implementation Management and Release Management. Transitioning to Capgemini, I went on to define the Release Strategy and lead the Implementation Team. This was certainly a highlight in my career, and I was hugely proud to achieve the Capgemini internal ASPIRE Award and a position on the Leadership Academy," explains Susannah. 

"In 2007, I took a career break, was blessed with two sons and enjoyed their early childhood. I returned several years later to assist a Senior Project Manager on a vast project and later moved on to deliver the infrastructure VOIP rollout. This was another key moment in my career, working with an incredible team, which led me to enjoy a further wonderful Aspire Award.  

"Unfortunately, I then sadly suffered several incredibly difficult personal challenges and again decided to take a career break. Which, I can admit, was a real low point in my life. Moving forward, I re-joined in December 2021 through Relaunch on the SoTF programme in an Engagement Manager role.”

Helping to regain confidence after a career break 

The Relaunch programme not only helped Susannah with getting back into the workforce after a break, but also helped with regaining her confidence.

“The Relaunch programme was recommended to me by a good friend and previous colleague. It appealed as I had suffered a significant loss in confidence at the time of my departure and the programme offered a great support network to help with the return to work. The steps were clearly defined and help was always on hand,” Susannah shares. 

The kindness and support from the Relaunch team has shaped Susannah’s return to work, which is not without its challenges. Confidence takes time to rebuild, but Susannah believes that the flexibility, unlimited opportunities and ethics at Capgemini have enabled her to continue to bounce back and gain confidence day by day. 

Susannah says: “The return experience has been fantastic, I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to return, to be supported and to have been given flexibility in how my return was shaped. The Relaunch team are kind, supportive and extremely helpful.  

"It is taking time for my confidence to return, it is a vast hurdle to overcome when you depart at such a difficult and low point in your life. To then return and rebuild is difficult. I am incredibly proud to work for Capgemini, and I firmly believe in the ethics, and the team around me are brilliant. Capgemini offers unlimited opportunities and I hope in time I am able to exceed expectations and grasp the opportunities I have been fortunate to have been given once again.”

Relaunch programme provides invaluable opportunities 

Susannah feels that Capgemini has been nothing but positive to work for and often recommends the Relaunch programme to people around her.  

“I would absolutely recommend the Relaunch programme and often do," says Susannah. "Capgemini as a company has been nothing but positive to work for, the Relaunch programme provides invaluable opportunities to those similar to myself, who for whatever reason stepped out of their career. The support, kindness and professionalism are second to none.”

Susannah is thriving in her new role, and on those days when it feels like she’s climbing mountains in thick fog, there’s always a helping hand in the team to reach out to. 

“Currently I am an Engagement Manager within the SoTF programme. Primarily, I am enjoying being part of a fantastic team, refreshing my skills and experience in order to be able to deliver to a high standard, and in doing so, rebuilding my confidence each day, though some days I do inevitably feel I’m climbing a mountain in thick fog! However, there is always someone on hand to reach out to, and luckily with plenty of patience!” explains Susannah. 

Taking advantage of training opportunities 

Susannah plans to pay the kindness and support forwards to other Relaunch employees. Susannah has taken full advantage of Capgemini's training opportunities and is upskilling as a coach with a focus on people returning to work. 

She says: “I have been particularly enjoying the people aspect of my return to work, and as for future steps, if I can coach and mentor others then I would love to do that - helping others rebuild, as I am. 

"I’ve taken advantage of the training and opportunities that Capgemini offers, and I have completed several coaching and mentoring training modules and signed up to a coaching programme for people looking to find or return to work.

 In the future, I would like to focus more on a career in helping people, in successfully returning to work and redeveloping their skills to perform their role, gain confidence and identifying future growth and opportunities.”

For candidates currently having a career break of 18 months or more and considering going back to work, Capgemini's Relaunch programme could be exactly the opportunity to take that first step. 

Candidates don't need to have worked at Capgemini before to join the programme, it is open to all, providing they are currently having a career break for 18 months or more. 

Relaunch your career with Capgemini 

Capgemini hires across all areas of the business, so get in touch directly for an informal chat.

Or, check out Capgemini's fabulous career opportunities and apply.


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