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Diageo celebrates its 6th annual Inclusion Week

Diageo celebrates its 6th annual Inclusion Week

 October 10, 2022

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Diageo has marked its 6th annual Inclusion Week - a dedicated inclusion week with events, discussions and celebrations in countries around the world.

"It’s Inclusion Week at Diageo North America. In honor of this year’s celebration of inclusion, we are featuring the many faces and names that make up our community. The My Name Is campaign is our commitment to every employee’s story and a promise to respect each and everyone’s uniqueness and diversity," said Diageo North America.

Central to how Diageo champions inclusion 

'My Name Is' is a global campaign that is central to how Diageo champions inclusion, and it is as simple as the correct pronunciation of names.

Diageo explains: "There is nothing more personal than your name, particularly your first, given name. Whether it’s given by a parent at birth or adopted along the way of one’s life, the name that identifies us has become us. It represents us and is how we are known to our friends, our family, co-workers, even the barista at Starbucks. Our name signifies and represents our presence in the global community."

"To share with someone how to pronounce your name is an incredibly inclusive gesture. It shares a central part of who you are. It opens you up and invites them in to share. To ask someone how to pronounce their name, accomplishes the very same moment of inclusion."

Diageo is an inclusive employer 

Diageo is a company that embraces diversity in the broadest possible sense.

The company champions inclusion and diversity across its entire business - with its employees, suppliers, across its brands, and within the communities in which it operates.

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