DXC provides skills training support for transgender community

DXC provides skills training support for transgender community

 October 19, 2022

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DXC Technology believes in equality, and its position as a global technology leader allows the company to serve diverse customers and play a leadership role in the communities it serves.

As such, DXC Technology is working to help empower the transgender community in India through providing training for various on-the-job skills. The company is partnering with VGBM-Kineer Services for the Project Trans-Formation initiative in India. 

Supporting and empowering the transgender community

Project Trans-Formation is an initiative by Kineer Services for skill building, training and placement of the members with inclusive companies. It aims to ensure that the marginalized transgender community is given an opportunity to become a part of the mainstream society by skill enhancing and dignified employment opportunities.

Through the partnership with VGBM-Kineer Services, DXC Technology has impacted the lives of 450 individuals.

The system works more on reverse integration wherein firstly jobs are identified with multinational corporations (MNCs), job descriptions formulated and then training begins for the community members who match the recruitment criteria. The trainings are done at no charge for the members with assistance from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding of like-minded companies.

VGBM-Kineer Services is working towards empowering dignified employment opportunities to the members of the sexual minorities and is spearheaded by transgender rights activist, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. Kineer Services is committed to making the world more inclusive for the marginalized transgender community and wishes to make education, skill, and access to quality employment accessible to the community members.

Embracing and valuing difference

Diversity is reflected in DXC Technology's inclusive environment that embraces many cultures, backgrounds, values and ideas offered by the company's global workforce.

To deliver the best solutions to its customers, DXC Technology harnesses the energy, creativity, talent and insights of its diverse global workforce. The company's strength lies in valuing differences, encouraging input from all perspectives and uniting teams around common goals.

Embark on an impactful career at DXC Technology

DXC Technology encourages its employees to embrace their identities and the diverse cultures represented by their colleagues, customers and local communities.

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