Beam Suntory CDO s Victoria Russell addressed key event

Beam Suntory CDO s Victoria Russell addressed key event

 November 15, 2022

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Beam Suntory is committed to embedding diversity and inclusion (D&I) in all that it does, and knows that increased company performance is created by fostering an inclusive culture and work environment for all of its employees.

Highlighting this further, Beam Suntory Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Victoria Russell, spoke at the Women at the Top Americas event, hosted by Financial Times Live, sharing her thoughts on why D&I is an enabler of a company's wider business strategy and how purposeful action from leaders can drive real change.

Engaging everyone in gender initiatives

Victoria leads Beam Suntory's D&I across talent acquisition, career development and employee retention, marketing, community relations, and building organizational capability to better recognize bias and further drive inclusive mindset. Victoria supports the development of diversity guidelines for Beam Suntory's supplier base and champions Employee Impact Groups and leaders across the business.

Women at the Top Americas looks at female leadership in a new era, such as how to get more women to become founders, board level executives, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and investors. Speakers at the event also discuss the ways of ensuring that D&I survives the pinch and how to foster diversity and inclusion without alienating men.

At the Women at the Top Americas event, Victoria addressed how employers can demonstrate increased company performance through fostering an inclusive culture and work environment and questions how different companies are rewarding D&I improvements.

"A lot of times white males have not been in this conversation (about D&I). Everyone needs to be at the table, and that is what is truly engaging, and belonging," said Beam Suntory Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Victoria Russell.

Driving real change with purposeful action from leaders

FT Live is the global conferences and events division of the Financial Times Group. Its mission is to bring its global executive audiences the very latest in knowledge and opinion, and connect them to one another.

"Post pandemic recovery is in full swing but rising inflation threatens to disrupt growth once again. This means a squeeze on real incomes and more pressure on businesses to remain competitive," said FT Live.

As profits decrease, FT Live is asking how boardrooms across the Americas will approach their D&I strategies, long seen as a nice to have and not imperative to operational outcomes.

Financial Times shares the ways businesses can build a culture to increase the percentage of women throughout the business, not just at the top. It asks what the future of leadership will look like, how can companies retain diverse talent and show loyalty, and as there is a shift in net wealth towards women, whether this has an impact on businesses making decisions at board level.

Join an employer fostering a culture of inclusivity

Beam Suntory is committed to leveraging the power of diversity of thought, experience and culture in its employees.

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