Medtronics Elizabeth Cannon is a PRIDE Network ally

Medtronic's Elizabeth Cannon is a PRIDE Network ally

 November 21, 2022

Medtronic knows that inclusion, diversity, and equity play a critical role in driving the company's competitiveness. Medtronic depends on all three to bring more creativity, better decision-making, and enhanced innovation to its work.

Networks and groups foster belonging for employees and support initiatives for a more inclusive Medtronic. Resources like Medtronic's PRIDE Network build solid cross-company relationships, connecting people with valuable career knowledge.

Medtronic Senior Quality Systems Specialist, Structural Hearth & Aortic Outreach Coordinator, Elizabeth Cannon, shares why she is proud of Medtronic's culture of inclusivity and why being a member of the PRIDE Network is important to her.

"As a longtime ally, I'm proud of Medtronic's strong commitment to being a safe space for all employees to be fully themselves. Being a member of our PRIDE network is important to me so that I can actively support my LGBTQIA+ colleagues and help with outreach and education," says Elizabeth.

Employees connecting via shared identities

Diversity Networks and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) often begin as platforms for inclusion, to create space for employees to connect based on shared identities.  But Medtronic's Diversity Networks and ERGs do even more. They help model inclusion and diversity and, through unique partnerships and volunteer efforts, help amplify Medtronic's impact in communities.

Diversity Networks give employees from underrepresented populations a voice and pave a path toward advocacy, exposure, development, and change empowerment. Medtronic's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a sponsor from the Executive Committee select a chairperson(s) to oversee each Network. This approach ensures a visible and vocal presence at the top of the organization for Medtronic's Networks and ERGs.

ERGs represent both local hubs of Medtronic's Networks and additional shared-identity groups with Medtronic. With more than 26,000 members across 70 countries, these grassroots, employee-led groups help recruit diverse talent and foster belonging within their particular community. Each group works with allies and partners to advance inclusion, diversity, and equity efforts.

Work for a company with a commitment to change

Medtronic knows combined ideas, energies, and intellect of its employees are keys to its success, and to improved healthcare globally.

Join an extraordinary team of innovators who bring their unique skills and backgrounds to work every day.

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