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Valentine Wambui shapes Diageos environmental impact

Valentine Wambui shapes Diageo's environmental impact

 November 22, 2022

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Climate change, water stress, biodiversity loss and many other challenges are threatening the planet. Building on the legacy of its founders, Diageo wants to create a positive, lasting impact on the company, within its communities and for society.

As part of Society 2030: Spirit of Progress plan, Diageo is committed to becoming sustainable by design, from grain to glass.

Diageo strives to ensure that its people, its suppliers, its communities, its customers, its consumers and society at large all thrive as a result of the business. And, Diageo knows only when people work together that they create lasting change. It’s the passion and drive of Diageo's talented people that’s key to the company achieving its ambitions and making a true difference to the planet. 

Diageo Africa Markets Sustainability Lead, Valentine Wambui, shares her career in sustainability and the role she plays in driving Diageo's Society 2030 agenda in Africa.

Managing Diageo's environmental roadmaps

Valentine manages the creation and implementation of the Society 2030 environmental roadmaps for Africa. This includes supporting the Africa markets on securing funding for initiatives such as biomass boilers, water recovery plants, plastics recycling, as well as strategic energy and water efficiency programs. 

"My role is key in ensuring Diageo has a net positive impact on our natural resources and the communities in which we operate, as well as securing the long-term success of our business," explains Valentine.

Learning to be flexible and resilient

Valentine describes Diageo as an "inspiring" and "dynamic" company. Valentine's career experience so far has taught her how to be flexible and resilient. "There's always an exciting new challenge to overcome and learn from," explains Valentine. 

"For me this is very motivating as I thrive on problem-solving. I’ve also enjoyed collaborating with various teams and harnessing strengths from the different team members. The business continues to empower me through training, coaching, and by providing the right tools and environment. Every day I feel free to succeed. It’s been a very fulfilling journey and I feel like it’s just the beginning!" adds Valentine.

Motivated by making a positive impact 

Valentine's primary motivation in her job role is the opportunity to shape the future of Africa’s environmental impact to ensure Diageo achieves its performance ambition.

"I'm empowered to utilize my problem-solving and critical thinking skills to unlock the tough challenges that the business faces. I get to experiment with new ideas and technologies, and collaborate with a global team to understand diverse perspectives and ideas," says Valentine. "I'm enabled to make a meaningful impact on our sustainability goals surrounding climate action, clean energy, and clean water, as well as helping to create a business that is responsible about consumption and production." 

"My work has a direct positive impact on the environment, communities, and the business. I am greatly fulfilled knowing that I am helping to create a better world for present and future generations, whilst at the same time delivering on our strategic imperatives," adds Valentine.

Vital projects for the business and society 

The projects Valentine oversees are important for Diageo, the industry, communities, and consumers. By delivering these projects, Diageo is able to mitigate and adapt to climate change, water stress and reduce waste. Valentine explains how this is hugely important because we all rely on our planet’s natural resources for survival.

"We want to support the communities that we operate in, ensuring we work towards creating cleaner environments and the preservation of natural resources - all of which are a pre-requisite for good health and wellbeing," comments Valentine.

"These projects help to drive inspiration and innovation within the industry. And, for our consumers, it is ever important that we demonstrate our commitment to society and the environment. We want our consumers to feel proud, knowing that when they choose and enjoy our products, they are making a sustainable choice and a positive contribution."

Sharing valuable career advice 

And for those looking to pursue a career in sustainability, Valentine shares her career advice: "Be curious and follow your heart. Connect with and reach out to mentors and likeminded individuals. Raise your hand, make your interests known. Afraid? Do it anyway. Show up, give it your best and keep going even when it gets tough."

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The individual passion, commitment and specialist skills of Diageo's people make a significant difference to the business and wider society.

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