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WSP engineer Marie Raffin has always enjoyed working with water

WSP engineer Marie Raffin has always enjoyed working with water

 November 28, 2022

WSP Associate Marie Raffin has worked in the water sector for more than 10 years, with the world of water having always attracted her. 

Whilst completing her chemical engineering studies, Diplome d’Ingenieur in Mulhouse France, Marie had the opportunity to carry out a one-year internship at a water research centre in The Netherlands. 

“This internship really made me realise it was the field I wanted to work in,” explains Marie. “Following this, I had the chance to do my last year of my master’s degree at Cranfield University, where I obtained my MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering and a PhD in applied science - looking at optimising membrane processes for water reuse.”

After completing her studies Marie joined a water company where she wore two hats as she undertook two roles.

“The first was my water reuse ‘hat’ where I was assessing the feasibility of water reuse for potable and non-potable applications, while my second ‘hat’ was in the field of innovation where my work enabled the transition from a traditional innovation model to an open innovation model, ensuring idea of all employees and suppliers benefit the company,” says Marie. 

Focusing on water reuse and innovation 

WSP water jobs

“If you, like me, enjoy working on every subject associated with water, the multidisciplinary fields of water reuse and innovation are perfect,” says Marie. 

Throughout her career, these fields have allowed Marie to work in various facets of the water industry including risk management, regulations and governance, assessment, design, commissioning, operation and optimisation of various wastewater and water processes, public perception and customer’s acceptability to recycled water, implementation of R&D solution to business-as-usual operation. 

In 2016, Marie was appointed as a Director of the Water Reuse Europe Association and became the Chair of the Board of Directors in November 2021. 

“I confess, I asked myself could I work outside the water industry on water projects? Could my expertise be beneficial to the wider water industry? The answer to both questions was, ‘yes’,” says Marie.  

Marie joined WSP in August 2022 as an Associate and that role has answered those questions because she has done exactly that. 

“I have been involved in various projects, some for the water industry, but also more broadly for residential and commercial developers, hydrogen producers and the mining industry,” explains Marie. 

WSP water jobs

Enjoying flexibility and a balanced life

“My office is 10 minutes by car from my home – 5 minutes my son’s nursery – and a15-minute bike ride when the weather is warmer. Additionally, I can also work from home and, if necessary, use my “WSP hour” to carry out any personal activities which need to be done during working hours.”

Marie's current role enables her to achieve a good work-life balance. “I have time and flexibility for my family and my hobbies: cooking, gardening and walking whilst still pursuing a career that I love,” concludes Marie. 

Enjoy a career in water with WSP 

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