16 Days of Activism: EIB Group discuss infrastructure gender gap

16 Days of Activism: EIB Group discuss infrastructure gender gap

 November 28, 2022

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European Investment Bank Group (EIB Group) President Werner Hoyer marked the start of the United Nation's 16 Days of Activism by highlighting the infrastructure gender gap as discussed by the EIB Group's Senior Social Development Specialist Julia Chambers, Gender Specialist Moa Westman, and Senior Gender Specialist Carmen Niethammer. 

A gender lens is needed when investing in infrastructure

In an essay titled Infrastructure Solutions: Built for women, EIB Group gender specialists explain why a gender lens is needed when investing in infrastructure, especially to ensure women's safety and security. Gender is not a side issue — it is central to the creation of functional infrastructure in an efficient society. 

"Protect is one of the keywords of the EIB Group Gender Strategy. Through our projects, we uphold the rights of women and girls, contributing to their enhanced safety. We do not tolerate gender based violence, anywhere. #OrangeTheWorld," commented President Hoyer. 

Worldwide, women’s perspectives and voices are under-represented in urban leadership: women make up less than 5% of mayors and occupy only about 10% of the highest-ranking jobs in leading architecture firms

Critical infrastructure and services in our cities, including housing and land, transport, public spaces and utilities, affect women and men differently. Currently, most public spaces, buildings and streets are developed by men, and mainly taking into consideration men’s perspectives and needs.

The European Investment Bank is helping to change how infrastructure is planned and delivered. That change begins with a design that serves the needs of men and women equally.

Infrastructure investments that are well designed and implemented with women’s needs in mind create jobs and boost women’s income. In turn, cities that are more inclusive contribute to more stable local economies, helping to finance public services that benefit everyone. 

Read the article in full. 

The EIB Group is committed to inclusive investment

Work for an organization with a purpose. The EIB Group strives to forge an inclusive world. 

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