DXCs Kristie Grinnell shares insights into her career and D&I

DXC's Kristie Grinnell shares insights into her career and D&I

 November 29, 2022

DXC Technology Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Kristie Grinnell, spoke with Digital First Magazine about her career path, technology trends, diversity and inclusion, and giving back to the community. 

Diversity and inclusion drives innovation 

Looking at the biggest trends shaping the future of enterprise technology in 2023, Kirstie highlights diversity and inclusion. "There’s no question in my mind that wherever we bring diversity and inclusion, that means we have more innovation. Because we’re all not thinking alike, that will continue to drive more innovation and really be able to shape the enterprise technology as we go forward," she says. 

A strong supporter of STEM for young women 

A strong supporter of academic STEM programs for young women, Kirstie says its incredibly important that she gives something back to the community.

"Whether that’s me being a role model for others in STEM, the next pipeline coming up in STEM, or just giving back overall, I think it’s important to give back to show our youth the way through example. That why I’ve been Girl Scout Leader to two Girl Scout Troops; I’ve coached softball; I’ve coached field hockey; I’m super involved in the youth programs at my church. I do all those things so I can give back to my community so that I can be an example," says Kristie.

Offering her career advice, Kirstie says: "Along the way, I had mentors who really challenged me to think about what’s next, what are my strengths, what do I need to work on; that sort of thing. It’s also about having an open mind to look at all the doors that were being opened and closed for me and then choosing, do I want to walk through that door? Do I want to knock on the door and make sure it opens for me? Or do I need to do something in my career to ensure that that next door opens for me?"

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