Schneider Electric celebrates the power of volunteering

Schneider Electric celebrates the power of volunteering

 December 06, 2022

Marking the United Nations' International Volunteer Day, Schneider Electric has committed to increasing the number of volunteer days to 50,000 by 2025.

"International Volunteer Day is a global celebration for the power of volunteering," says Gwenaelle Avice Huet, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer of Schneider Electric and a member of the Executive Committee since April 1, 2022. Gwenaelle leads development of Corporate Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Divestment activities, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction & Quality.

"Volunteering is not just an act of generosity, it is something that you will gain from. It can take many forms and support various causes, but let me share with you one example that speaks particularly to my heart and to us at Schneider Electric," she says.

"With our Schneider Electric Foundation we support volunteering and mentoring specifically by raising awareness, identifying and working with local NGOs and connecting them to our foundation delegates and employees that they are eager to contribute. So, we target for a total of 50,000 volunteering days contributed by employees by 2025. It is serious. It is a serious commitment that we made in line with the principle of empowering everyone to make the journey to a better and more sustainable future. And we can be proud of it!"

Different backgrounds, cultures and generations

Gwenaelle herslef has received mentoring from many people who have volunteered their time. "Personally, I have been lucky to mentor and be mentored by various people of different backgrounds, different cultures and different generations. I have been able to offer them something of myself, and they have definitely helped me with their career and personal experiences. So, a big cheer to all the volunteers in and out of Schneider Electric. For the others, I hope you will be in for mentoring, you will gain a lot from it!" explains Gwenaelle. 

Schneider Electric Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship, Gilles Vermot Desroches, explains the benefits of mentoring. "When I look back on my career, I’m especially grateful to a handful of colleagues who, at various moments, took the time to sit with me and share their real-world experiences. Those chats helped shape me. Their words inspired me to find purpose in my work," he explains. 

"Back then, I didn’t realize those experts were my mentors. But having someone to look up to, someone who saw things from a different perspective, helped guide me to reach my goals and get over the hurdles I faced. And the benefits of mentoring are not reserved for the mentee alone. Mentors themselves gain a lot."

Schneider Electric is an employer that gives back

Work for the greater good and feel empowered in a career. 

Making a difference in and outside the workplace feels good. 

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