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WTWs Manjit Basi shares gender wealth gap expertise at conference

WTW's Manjit Basi shares gender wealth gap expertise at conference

 January 06, 2023

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WTW Senior Director, Manjit Basi, shared her expertise on the gender wealth gap at the Boston Women's Workforce Council's (BWWC) Effective Practices Conference.

At WTW, Manjit works in Integrated & Global Solutions. Manjit is also a member of BWWC and a contributor to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Wealth Equity Report.

The role of employers in closing wealth gap

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The conference focused on the connections between Boston's wealth gap and wage gap, and what is means for employers. 

Guest speakers like Manjit engaged in conversations about how gender and racial wage gaps are a primary driver of wealth disparities, affecting the ability to save for a home, retirement and/or education. Speakers discussed what they, as employers, can do about it.

Exploring findings from wealth equity research

WTW gender equity report

At BWWC's conference, Manjit was invited onto a panel exploring how employers can take action today to close the wage gap and, in turn, reduce the wealth gap. The conversation included insights from the World Economic Forum and WTW's gender-based wealth equity research. 

“Any action is progress…we need more specific actions at the human level. For someone's life to be improved, it doesn’t have to change the world or all the corporate structures out there. Start small, think big. I am still very hopeful despite the challenges," explained Manjit.

A unique public-private partnership

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BWWC leads a unique public-private partnership between the Boston Mayor and Greater Boston employers dedicated to eliminating gender and racial wage gaps. BWWC does so measuring, analyzing, and reporting on these gaps. In addition, BWWC organizes events for members, 100% Talent Compact Signers, on best practices to reach pay equity. Researchers, advocates, and Compact Signers lead these sessions, providing opportunities for discussion and shared learning.

BWWC also includes an advisory council of Boston business and nonprofit leaders, who work every day to eliminate barriers to women’s advancement. Their expertise is vital to the organization’s strategy and the resources BWWC shares with its 100% Talent Compact Signer community.

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