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DHL & fashion designer Christy Ng collaborate on inspiring collection

DHL & fashion designer Christy Ng collaborate on inspiring collection

 January 03, 2023

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DHL eCommerce Solutions, one of the divisions of DHL, is a world leader in both domestic and international parcel delivery, helping businesses grow within and beyond borders.

After immense success of the first collection of DHL eCommerce Solutions' branded fashion, that saw it quickly selling out, DHL and Malaysian fashion designer Christy Ng have launched a second exclusive merchandise collection. The second collection features 11 items including jackets, bags and accessories - and DHL exclusively handles the shipping of all orders.

DHL eCommerce Solutions Customer and Fashion Designer, Christy Ng, was inspired to design a second collection with DHL, with items engineered to withstand weather in every setting, from urban environments to the great outdoors.

Collection inspired by dedication of DHL employees

For this edition, Christy Ng was inspired by the dedication of DHL employees to deliver packages and connect people across the world, and it is reflected in her playful interpretation of DHL’s corporate colors and logo.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Christy Ng again it is an honor to have her create these fashion items. These will honor DHL’s employees who tirelessly work to offer the best possible service to customers and retailers. We run a worldwide logistics network that connects people across continents, facilitating global trade and the sense of adventure in her design reflects what we do,” said Managing Director of DHL eCommerce Solutions Malaysia, Saurabh Kumar.

A commitment to sustainability

Following DHL's standards and values on sustainability, the production of the DHL x Christy Ng collection focused on reducing the use of single-use plastics while keeping costs down and the pieces affordable. All items are unisex and made of high-quality, sustainable materials.

The two jackets, two tote bags, two grocery bags and the backpack are customizable, meaning customers can add different flags to a velcro patch on the jackets or use the embroidery and vinyl heat press service to add their name or a slogan. Additionally, Christy Ng designed a card holder, a lanyard, a pair of sliders, and a thermos water bottle.

“I had a lot of fun designing this collection. I wanted to use DHL's corporate colors in a fun, fashionable way. This collection focuses more on the 'traveler and adventurer' aesthetic – a nod to the youthful verve typically associated with it. DHL travels the world to deliver packages, rain or shine – and this collection is a tribute to all DHL employees who are always there for us," said Christy Ng.

Empowering women with purposeful and affordable fashion

Christy Ng began as a small business in 2012, in a living room making women’s footwear. The company has grown from its first store in Malaysia, 1Utama in 2016, to seven stores across Malaysia and an e-Commerce platform that serves a global audience. With customization and personalization being synonymous with the brand’s DNA, Christy Ng has extended its expertise to women’s handbags that complement its footwear collection.

Christy Ng's design philosophy celebrates longevity and quality. The company wants to create collections that are relevant, products that have meaning and a story. Christy Ng hopes its dreams and aspirations will inspire and empower more women around the world. Its size may have changed, but the company's vision remains the same, to create fashionable, functional, high quality products that anyone would love.

Christy Ng is known for its passionate, motivated and fun-loving workforce, who are committed to the company's core values:

  • Customer First - delighting by meeting customers’ needs by going above and beyond the call of duty. Christy Ng strives to exceed expectations on every shopping experience
  • Superior Quality - delivering the best in all that Christy Ng does. Providing outstanding products to its customers, always

  • Innovation - curious and always on the lookout for new and ways to solve and relentlessly pursuing growth

  • Team Effort - Christy Ng's best work is dependent on collective effort and contributions from its team

Make a positive impact through a DHL eCommerce Solutions career

DHL eCommerce Solutions has over 35,000 people moving more than a billion parcels each year, delivering excellence all over the globe.

DHL understands the importance of contributing to society, reducing its environmental impact, and making a positive difference in the world.

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