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Libby Pelling embarks on a DHL Degree Apprenticeship

 January 03, 2023

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Libby Pelling is working towards a Supply Chain Leader Degree Apprenticeship at DHL Supply Chain. Libby shares why she chose a degree apprenticeship and what she enjoys most about her role.

Gaining experience alongside studies 

Libby chose to do an apprenticeship with DHL rather than a traditional university route, because she knew that she wanted to get some experience alongside her university studies.

Libby's Supply Chain apprenticeship means that she can work full-time, alongside studying for a supply chain management degree at university.

A new challenge every day 

Libby works as a first line manager at a busy retail site in the UK's West Thurrock. "I love working as a first line manager because it means I am on the floor of the operation every single day," Libby explains.

"No day is the same, and every single day presents a new challenge, so it is a great experience and a fabulous stepping stone for the rest of my career."

Making a real difference 

Libby joined DHL because of the company's global reach and the potential opportunities across different business units. "But I've stayed because of the people," Libby adds.

"I think the DHL Supply Chain Apprenticeship scheme is different to other schemes because our business trusts us right from the outset to get involved in real projects and real operations," Libby comments.

"When I started I had never set foot in a warehouse environment before and right from the beginning I was in the management team and making a real difference in the operation."

Hear more from Libby here.

Earn and learn with a DHL apprenticeship

DHL uses its apprenticeship programmes to recruit, train and support its Leaders of the Future.

Within the fast-paced, ever-changing supply chain industry, DHL needs to make sure it stays ahead of the game, and DHL's Apprentices play a crucial role in this.

DHL works with professional learning providers who are experts in their field to fully support apprentices to achieve their apprenticeship and become a subject matter expert in their field of expertise. 

Find out more about DHL's apprenticeship programmes and apply.


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