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DHL Express Pilot Mia Friedrich always wanted to fly

DHL Express Pilot Mia Friedrich always wanted to fly

 January 25, 2023

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DHL is the number one name in logistics, and is committed to always exploring fresh ideas, and exciting new ways to extend its business in different directions.

DHL Express Pilot, Mia Friedrich, is one of DHL's pilots flying a 757 airliner. Here, she discusses her passion and the obstacles she had to face to become a pilot - and shares her individual take on what life is like for a woman working in logistics.

Treated fairly as a female pilot working in logistics

"I'm half Swedish, half Austrian, living currently in the beautiful Bavaria," comments Mia.

"It was hard to find a job after school which it is for most pilots, but also we were only two girls in flight school, so it's not a profession a lot of people pick. But I have to say, in logistics I'm treated really fairly, there's no difference if you're a woman or a man, all that matters is that you do your job the right way," says Mia.

Nothing could stop Mia from flying

Mia explains that for pilots, it's a little different because everyone has the exact same job, starting as a First Officer, and if good enough, becoming a Captain, and a Trainer. The same terms and conditions apply for everybody.

As a child, Mia saw a flight deck, and she knew she wanted to fly. "...I said well nothing can stop me, and I don't care what you guys say, and a lot of people said you can't do it, you will never find a job. And basically now...I did it," explains Mia.

"My mum said I'm scared of flying, but go ahead, let's do it. If that's what you want to do, do it," adds Mia.

Continuous growth in her career

Mia explains she saw significant career growth when she was previously flying passengers on a smaller airplane, and gained a lot of experience as a Pilot which gave her confidence in her career.

"My ultimate goal always was to become a Freight Pilot. So DHL is now my employer. And flying those smaller airplanes was a big part of getting me where I am today," says Mia.

Intercultural communication working in teams

What Mia enjoys most about being a Pilot is the fact that she's flying an airplane, and she enjoys the amazing night views because she mostly flies at night.

"I mean, part of my job is seeing things some people never see, all the city lights, the mountains. And also a big factor for me is that every time I go to work, it's most likely a different colleague I fly with, and it's a lot of intercultural communication," shares Mia. "And to realize every day, even if you don't know somebody you work as a team within seconds."

Importance of never giving up

Mia'a advice to women is to not always listen to what people have to say, because if you want to do something then you should go for it.

"Only you know what you can achieve, others don't know. Let them talk because you will achieve it if you're just consistent and don't give up," concludes Mia.

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