NTU Prof. Braithwaite discusses celebrity impact on fashion

NTU Prof. Braithwaite discusses celebrity impact on fashion

 February 07, 2023

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Naomi Braithwaite is an Associate Professor in Fashion Marketing and Branding at Nottingham Trent University (NTU).

A career at a leading UK university means Naomi's research can often be featured in the media

In an article for The Conversation, Naomi discusses how the cult of celebrity creates value for fashion history.

Drawing on her expertise, Naomi uses the example of US reality TV star Kim Kardashian's purchase of the diamond and amethyst Attallah Cross necklace [pictured above] previously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. 

Deep meanings in fashion objects 

Naomi Braithwaite NTU

"Academics working in the discipline of material culture (which comes from the field of anthropology) focus their research on understanding society through people’s relationships with objects. This includes examining what makes people buy the things they do and how those objects bring meaning to their lives. Recognising that fashion objects have deeper meanings both individually and culturally explains why celebrity-owned objects take on a combined personal, cultural and economic value," explains Naomi.

Investing in a culturally significant object

"Jewellery worn by Diana rarely comes up for sale. For Kardashian to own something so unique and exclusive – with its significant history – may represent an effort to move her positioning away from the superficiality of the Instagram age. Kardashian has invested in an object that has a cultural history, worn by an iconic woman, and in so doing she has become part of that story. Purchasing rare celebrity memorabilia integrates Kardashian into a different realm of culture, which is exclusive rather than accessible," adds Naomi.

Read the full article in The Conversation.

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