Capgeminis Jess Munt promotes the value of apprenticeships

Capgemini's Jess Munt promotes the value of apprenticeships

 February 13, 2023

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With an apprenticeship, there is something for everyone. Whether an apprentice already has a clear career ambition or requires the knowledge and support to find that drive, the opportunities are endless.

At Capgemini, apprentices are supported by dedicated leaders who help drive their success, both at the company and throughout their careers

One of these leaders is Jess Munt, who works at Cagpgemini UK as an Apprenticeship Programme Manager. 

A passion for supporting early careers

Proud mother, charity enthusiast, and lover of all things ice cream, Jess has a huge passion for supporting early careers.

"I love how confidence grows as skills develop, willingness to learn like no other and the innovative ideas that come through, they continue to amaze me. It has been an honour to work within early careers and hopefully that continues for many more years to come! At Capgemini, I have been given endless exciting opportunities and pushed out of my own comfort zone, to develop myself personally," says Jess.

Breaking the stigma of apprenticeships

As Apprenticeship Programme Manager for Capgemini, Jess wants to break the stigma of apprenticeships. Jess believes apprentices will support the UK economy for many years to come, and that it is therefore vital to promote apprenticeship pathways. 

Jess spoke with Capgemini apprentices about their experiences to help parents, carers, teachers and community leaders to encourage future talent to consider apprenticeships as an alternative to university.

Supported by a network of people 

"I’ve been at Capgemini for a year now. This was my first “proper” job, so I was very nervous and joining during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t ideal. But after a year, I feel I have a great network of people around me to support me and I have learnt so much. My apprenticeship programme is structured, and the team have worked it so I can devote myself to that a week at a time. With a year behind me, I’m so happy I chose this (and so is my mum!)," says Ella Furber, Capgemini Marketing Apprentice.

Working for a globally respected IT company 

"The list of benefits of my degree apprenticeship is endless. I’ve managed to establish myself in a globally respected IT company, with a huge range of clients and projects. I’ve built relationships with experienced and talented professionals, including people similar ages to myself, that will be with me for the rest of my career. I’ve been given responsibilities that typically wouldn’t be available to me, at least until I’d graduated, and I’ve had huge amounts of support and investment along the way. The amazing thing is I’ve done all this alongside earning a debt-free degree and a competitive salary that I’ve been able to use to invest in myself and my future," explains Ellie Mills Chartered, Capgemini Manager Degree Apprentice.

Blending workplace experience and training

"If you’re currently weighing up your options with regards to education and employment, this is a chance to do both. An opportunity to blend real workplace experience alongside training and learning a specific skillset and studying for valuable qualifications. Not forgetting earning a competitive salary!" adds Lisa Rovira, Capgemini Digital & Technology Solutions Apprentice.

Launch a successful career at Capgemini

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Working at Capgemini is a rewarding choice with lots of career avenues. 

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