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DHL Diversity & Inclusion Head Roxi Corp talks supplier diversity

DHL Diversity & Inclusion Head Roxi Corp talks supplier diversity

 February 23, 2023

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DHL is on a journey to build an inclusive culture at work. Part of this journey is sharing insights from experts working to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the industry. 

Listen to DHL's Speaking Up podcast. The conversation features DHL employees, experts, and activists all working to bring fresh thinking and new ideas to the D&I debate. These D&I professionals share more about them, their work, and how they promote inclusion. 

Promoting the benefits of Supplier Diversity Programs

One of the podcast's episodes focuses on the area of Supplier Diversity, that uses minority-owned businesses as suppliers, supported by a program that encourages this use within a company's supply chain.

The episode is hosted by Roxi Corp, a Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at DHL.

Roxi is responsible for leading the design and successful implementation of the company's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy and ensuring that leaders understand the role they play in creating an inclusive organization, where every colleague can be themselves, and where DHL collaborates globally and implement locally to support customers and create a sustainable future for all.

Roxi is joined by US-based Daniela Penalver Sanchez, who manages DHL's Supplier Diversity Program. In her career, Daniela works to increase opportunities for small and diverse businesses to participate in DHL's supply chain. Daniela works closely with many of DHL's leaders, customers, and colleagues to create a culture where everyone can belong no matter what their uniqueness.

Strengthening the supply chain and increasing innovation

Speaking Up Podcast DHl

In the podcast, Roxi and Daniela discuss Supply Diversity and how it supports a company's sustainability agenda.

"Supplier Diversity is about building sustainable economic strength in underrepresented communities and underserved groups. Now you see Supplier Diversity as part of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) agenda around the world. Any company that has a strong ESG position or roadmap will include Supplier Diversity in their social aspect because diversity and inclusion is a big umbrella. Of course, when people talk about diversity and inclusion they think only workforce, but Supplier Diversity fits into that umbrella," explains Daniela. 

"A good Supplier Diversity Program is actually based on strengthening the supply chain, enhancing the product offerings, bringing more innovation to the discussion, bringing in more resilience. Its purpose is to eliminate obstacles, and dismantle biases. A good Supplier Diversity Program makes sure we're inviting as many qualified diverse suppliers as possible so that everyone can compete on a level playing field," suggests Daniela.

"Supplier Diversity is not a social program. It's not a compromise on cost quality or any other requirement. Supplier Diversity just means eliminating any unnecessary obstacles for them to come and propose their business to us, and then again dismantling the bias. A company being small or diverse doesn't mean that their product isn't of an equal or higher quality than a non-diverse supplier," adds Daniela.

Work for an inclusive and diverse company

DHL brings together people with a wide range of skills, experiences, cultures and viewpoints. This enables the company to offer innovative and agile procurement solutions, generating value for DHL and customers, while at the same time strengthening the supply chain.

Be part of this inclusive company culture.

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