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Wendi Williams enjoys Diageos collaborative company culture

Wendi Williams enjoys Diageo's collaborative company culture

 March 09, 2023

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Diageo's accessible purpose of 'Celebrating life, every day, everywhere', provides a platform for the company's people to be the best they can be at work, at home and in their communities, it’s about celebrating life in its broadest sense.

Diageo's culture is rooted in a deep sense of its purpose, the personal connections Diageo has to its brands, the relationships with employees have with each other and the company's passion to win in the marketplace.

Meet Diageo Category Development Manager, Wendi Williams, who lives in Bentonville in Arkansas, U.S. Here, Wendi shares why she enjoys living in the ethnically diverse area of Northwest Arkansas and how Diageo's company culture means that people are willing to help one another to succeed.

Living in an ethnically diverse place

Wendi grew up in a small town in southern Arkansas, where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the state university in Fayetteville. She now lives in Northwest Arkansas, one of the fastest growing, ethnically diverse, naturally beautiful, and economically prosperous places in the U.S.

"When I tell people I live in Arkansas, the most common response is, 'You’re from Arkansas? I had no idea there were Black people there.' I often laugh and respond, 'Yes, we are here, and thriving!," says Wendi.

Meeting lifelong friends at university

As a child of two former college b-ball players and retired coaches, for Wendi, growing up in Arkansas was all about sports. Wendi's parents were also teachers, so education was a top priority in their house. She was a straight A student and when it was time to pick a college, there was only one dream school that Wendi had in mind, and that was the University of Arkansas (U of A).

"The U of A was such a life-changing experience for me, it’s where I met some of my lifelong friends and joined one of the biggest and best Black Greek sororities," comments Wendi.

A commitment to celebrating life, every day, everywhere

Upon receiving her BA in Electrical Engineering, Wendi worked in PA for a year then headed back to Arkansas to obtain her Masters of Science degree.

"After that, I worked for several top companies – all of which led me to the largest spirits company in the world, Diageo. Not bad for a small-town girl!," says Wendi.

"One of the things I love most about working for Diageo is the people. I’ve yet to meet someone who wasn’t willing to help, have a friendly conversation, or a bit of fun…because after all, our culture is in our name 'Celebrating Life, Every Day, Everywhere'," Wendi explains.

A passion for sharing her experiences

Outside of her job, Wendi has developed a new passion for creating content about her life.

"After being a bit hesitant, I started my own YouTube channel in Feb of 2021. In this space, I share a lot about my life as a black woman living in Northwest AR," recalls Wendi.

"As for the beautiful state I call home, I’m so proud to have been born and raised in AR and wouldn’t change a thing about it! I often tell people if they have the opportunity, they should come visit. Although Arkansas isn’t the first place to visit on someone’s bucket list, all I can say is: 'don’t knock it ‘til you experience it!'" Wendi concludes.

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Diageo's purpose is to celebrate life every day, everywhere. Creating an inclusive culture, where everyone at Diageo feels valued and listened to, is key.

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