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Mamatha proud of electrical engineering achievements

Mamatha proud of electrical engineering achievements

 June 15, 2017

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Meet Mamatha Veerendra, an Associate Electrical Engineer, based in India.

Mamatha realised a career in engineering was for her early on and enjoys the challenges her role offers:

"I am heading a team in AECOM. I believe that my team should understand their responsibilities and execute their work on their own. This can be achieved by giving opportunites to them and motivating them with lots of affection and love. This I want to carryout throughout my career," says Mamatha.

Mamatha wants to be recognised for her dedication to work and for her skills as a trouble shooter. She is particularly proud of her achievements in delivering projects on time and receiving appreciation mail from clients.

Having worked on a wide variety of international projects, Mamatha is proud of the way her career has developed. "At AECOM, I am currently working on UK projects. I have worked on Middle East projects, Indian Projects - and now I have the opportunity to work on UK projects for the first time," explains Mamatha.

"AECOM is a well-known consultant. I want to progress my skills with AECOM by learning various things like technical and management skills from the company," Mamatha says.

Realising career amibitions as a young woman

"I was brought up in the countryside with heavy rain and mountain areas. Many times the power would shutdown for half of the year. Living in such an environment, I really did well in my studies, and I became an engineer from a reputed college."

"Since the start of my career, I have been working in a very dedicated way towards my projects. I always keep up to date with the market by studying and visiting projects and new innovations.  Being an engineer, I always try to deliver valuable work, but I also give priority to the quality of my work. I would like my team to be happy in all respects and so I try my best to achieve this."

On a personal level, Mamatha considers herself to be a very kind-hearted and social woman who is willing to support others. "I am always very friendly with all colleagues. I always try to understand the problems of others and offer relevant solutions. I try to support people by motivating them and by providing positive moral support."

Changing perceptions of engineering

When asked how she would like to change the perception of engineering, Mamatha says "The engineering field has become vast. Not everyone is aware of its variety of specialisms. I would like to promote all areas of engineering so people can become more knowledgable about the opportunities available to them. Many might argue that this type of explanation and support is lagging behind."

"We should all try to create awareness in our society whenever possible. This can be achieved by explaining in a simple manner and by visiting some of the engineering sites and fields, and by demonstrating simple techniques used in our daily life. Nowadays engineering is not tough for women. Women can perform better than anyone.

Mamatha encourages women to reach for their goals

"All women must aim high. They should work hard and become smart in managing everything as best possible.

"Work hard until you achieve. Keep up to date with the current market and the next generation ... your success is measured by the result you produce, not by the efforts you make," exclaims Mamatha.

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