QBEs Caroline Salgado discusses a career in data

QBE's Caroline Salgado discusses a career in data

 April 25, 2023

QBE European Operations is continually seeking talented data and tech professionals to join the company's diverse teams across Europe.

QBE European Operations is committed to supporting its employees to achieve their potential, by providing access to the professional development they need to excel in their careers.

Meet QBE European Operations Director of Data Centre of Excellence, Caroline Salgado. Here she shares what it's like to work flexibly and grow in a career with QBE European Operations.

Setting the data strategy

Caroline has a goal is to help QBE gain value from its data.

"I'm responsible for setting the data strategy, defining policies and frameworks for good data management, and provide our people with the skills, the tools and the knowledge they need to manage their data well, by empowering a data literate organization," explains Caroline.

"QBE is a truly fantastic organization to work for. It values above all employee well-being and promotes career development. In recent months I started to see a shift in our organizational culture and mindset, which is being led by the commitment from our executive team to priorize data as a key business enabler," Caroline says.

Empowering the business to manage data

Caroline is leading on the creation of the Data Academy for QBE European Operations, working with its people function in the company's group chief data office.

"This is a really exciting initiative that will enable the development of a professional data community, and support our transformation into a data-driven organization," comments Caroline.

"This is an exciting time ot join us as I'm building a Data Centre of Excellence for QBE Europe by enhancing existing analytics capabilities and build new data management capabilities to empower out business manage their data well and ensure data is of good quality."

Supporting the well-being of employees

Caroline also explains that Flex at QBE is the company's approach to supporting employee well-being.

"As an example, QBE introduced a new policy that allows employees to work from abroad for up to 20 days per year in a country they are legally allowed to work form," explains Caroline.

"Being Portuguese, and having all my family based in Portugal, this policy really transformed my life."

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QBE European Operations creates many exciting career opportunities for its people to achieve their full potential.

QBE provides an inclusive, employee-centered approach that supports online learning, virtual classrooms, mentoring, employee networks, projects, and secondments.

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